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What’s latest in the Software Industry: Its Building a Product Nation and Playing Securely with Data

What’s latest in the Software Industry: It’s Building a Product Nation and Playing Securely with Data

Recently NASSCOM conducted its annual flagship event NASSCOM Technology Leadership Forum (NTLF) 2021. The event empaneled eminent speakers and attended by thousands of people virtually. Let’s decode some of the highlights which came out from this event, the messages are clear and impactful.

1. Building a product nation

The software product has been the focus of IT industry nowadays since it offers huge growth potential in the future. For the substantial growth of the software product market, what is required is the right product that caters to the needs of the customer. The product should be market-ready and easily adaptable by the customer. This is what was discussed by some of the eminent speakers in the NTLF on the software product industry. Few highlights of the session:

  • Product market fit requires sharp focus versus only customer market fit
  • Priorities – you can’t do everything and build all features
  • Scale requires markets with the largest opportunities
  • India offers a unique talent base

2. Responsible use of Data in the hyper-digital era

Data has increased substantially with time but during the pandemic also data has increased multi-folds. Many sectors saw substantial growth in user base during pandemic leading to the creation of a lot of data. Media & entertainment saw fast growth. Gaming has also seen high growth. This growth is more than 30% for many sectors which confirms the powerful impact that the pandemic has done. Since people are connecting through digital media more and more data is getting created.

Data which is getting created is also different like from the healthcare perspective a mix of non-clinical and clinical data is getting generated and many algorithms are being used to manage these data points. Now when data comes into the picture, in parallel comes the security associated with that data.

  • Data management best practices: Avoiding copy-paste of policies, assess strategize design implement
  • Risks to avoid for safe data management: Insider attack, configuration misuse, inside governance

3. Role of tech in sustainability

Companies should be more disciplined in utilizing resources, recycling, and reducing resource consumption were not needed. Predictive maintenance and using IoT to run the asset more efficiently, even 1% effect can have a significant impact. Talking about achieving net-zero by 2030, experts said that they are figuring out a strategy to achieve the net-zero emissions goal. We all must join the dots and make the connection between technology and how it can help us do things differently.

NTLF 2021 Glimpse:

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