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What is Click to Call and what are the top benefits of it?

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What is Click to Call?

You might’ve heard the term “Click to Call” often, it’s all over the web. But what exactly is it?

Click to Call is nothing but a cloud solution that enables your customers to place a call without having to enter any number into their dialer. In literal terms, this technology makes the process simple by allowing your customers to click on a button or link rather than copy-pasting and fidgeting between two apps just to dial a number.

Let’s take a deeper look at how this solution works, its top benefits, and reasons for businesses to enable it today for seamless customer experience:

How to add Click to Call to your website?

Click-to-Call™ is Phonon’s flagship application which instantly connects your customers with your business representatives with just one click, leaving no space for them to switch to your competitors.

This can be embedded into your website or app through “Make Call API”, “Widget” or “Web Form Plugin”. Our cloud-based service delivery model is quick to deploy in any environment and is accessible from anywhere, furthermore, it is enabled via enterprise-grade security features that keep your data protected.

What are the top benefits of Click to Call?

Helps to build Customer Loyalty

Click to Call helps businesses to build their Customer Effort Score (CES), which is a single survey metric that enables service organizations to track ease of customer interactions. Harvard Business Review conducted a study on customer interaction and loyalty which gave two very interesting findings: delighting customers doesn’t build loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does.

Boosts Conversion Rates

According to a study by Google 70% of mobile searchers use click to call. Customers prefer fast and interactive services and Click to Call helps an undecided customer to choose your company over your counterparts. It also helps your sales team to answer the website lead’s pressing needs and convert those prospects into customers.

Effortless increase in ROI

To fully measure your digital ROI you have to take into consideration your phone call conversions. As per a research report by Forrester, click-to-call technology increases ROI by 143% on average! Click to Call directs customers to different departments based on their intent. Your sales team will be able to convert potential leads into loyal customers right at the moment of truth and YOU? Well, you as a business owner will be able to enable your employees to focus on the job they are best at, optimize sales conversions with seamless customer interactions, and boost your ROI like never before.