Media Temple Launches Otto – Website Migration And Domain Transfer Service

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[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 12, 2012, Media Temple (mt),a web hosting provider, launched its new migration service in the market named as ”Otto” .This service will help the users to transfer their websites, domains and even applications from other hosting providers to Media Temple (mt) & vice versa.

As per the company, there are the two components in Otto that will help users in the transfer process. The components are SiteMover & DomainMover. SiteMover service automatically moves websites to, or from, Media Temple, on the other hand DomainMover simply moves the domains like .com, org, etc. Dedicated feature of this service will be to automate the migration process for the customers although the whole procedure stays under the keen observation of dedicated personals of the company.

Otto simplifies the process of migrating from one hosting provider to another with automated tools backed by Media Temple dedicated support team.

Russell P. Reeder, president and COO at (mt) Media Temple stated “People are always asking (mt) Media Temple to help them move from their existing hosting provider to one they can brag about to their customers, We built Otto to remove the headaches that come with moving websites, apps, and domains so that customers can focus on the more important—and fun—aspects of creating their websites.”

As per the company press release, Otto service can be availed for $150 per site and $25 per domain.

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