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Webs, Inc. to be Acquired by Vistaprint

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 21, 2011 – For $117.5 million, business website marketing company Webs, Inc. is set to be acquired by VistaPrint, a provider of marketing and print solutions.

Webs, Inc. operates popular websites including, a popular customizable website builder. Others include CRM tool site and Facebook page assistant

Through, the company provides various website creation solutions that range from free to premium plans (priced between $3.75 and $16.67).

“Webs’ suite of products delivers incredible value to micro businesses, helping them to look professional online in order to grow their business,” stated VistaPrint CEO Robert Keane in a press release.

Continuing, Keane said, “Vistaprint is already successfully delivering digital marketing services to our customer base, with hundreds of thousands of active registered customers and over $50 million in digital subscription revenues last fiscal year. Webs complements this success with a business model based primarily on free products that has achieved impressive customer reach. They are serving millions of users who are exactly the types of micro businesses that Vistaprint targets.”

VistaPrint’s solutions include print services related to marketing, events, signage, and advertising.

Meanwhile, Webs, Inc. CEO Haroon Mokhtarzada said Webs, Inc. was “thrilled” about the move, citing the companies’ “common vision for the future of micro business marketing.”

Webs launched in 2001. According to a press release concerning the acquisition, Webs, Inc. maintains a user base in the millions. More than 100 thousand are premium users, paying for the company’s services.

In September, Webs, Inc. announced a Spanish version of

About Vistaprint
Vistaprint empowers more than 11 million micro businesses and consumers annually with affordable, professional options to make an impression. With a unique business model supported by proprietary technologies, high-volume production facilities, and direct marketing expertise, Vistaprint offers a wide variety of products and services that micro businesses can use to expand their business. A global company, Vistaprint employs over 3,100 people, operates 25 localized websites globally and ships to more than 130 countries around the world. Vistaprint’s broad range of products and services are easy to access online, 24 hours a day at

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