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WebNet Hosting Now Offers Advanced Audio Hosting Solutions using SHOUTcast

WebNet Hosting Now Offers Advanced Audio Hosting Solutions using SHOUTcast

Global web hosting provider WebNet Hosting has launched a new platform of online audio information sharing- audio hosting packages featuring SHOUTcast software.

A complete media hosting solutions provider, WebNet Hosting provides flexibility and robustness to media houses by developing hosting packages featuring SHOUTcast,an Internet broadcasting tool made to stream media online.
Specially tailored for online media, WebNet Hosting’s new SHOUTcast packages offer more bandwidth, improved audio quality and reducing the online lag to eliminate buffering.

Packages are based on the bitrate a customer offers and the quality of media:

  • SHOUT32 – 32Kbps: AM quality, good for voice
  • SHOUT64 – 64Kbps: FM quality, good for music
  • SHOUT96 – 96kbps: CD quality, ideal for music
  • SHOUT128 – 128Kbps & higher: better than CD quality

Each of the above package features a Centova Cast control panel for managing radio stations on the server. AutoDJ is used to keep the radio station active, delivering the content 24/7–even if the source computer is turned off. With 500 MB of disk space is included in AutoDJ; clients have the option to expand in any area as per their needs. SHOUTcast is and allows content to be streamed primarily in HE-AAC or MP3 formats. It permits users to create online radio stations, giving them the chance to let site users hear what they have to say or listen to music appropriate for the genre of the site in question. Click here for more information.

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