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WebECS To Offer Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

WebECS To Offer Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 9, 2011 – WebECS has announced the inception of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync across all of its accounts based on Windows hosting. This will make synchronization of data from SmarterMail mailboxes to mobile devices effortless and instantaneous. WebECS is a leading provider of Windows dedicated server hosting, Windows VDS hosting and hosting.

“Many of our Windows hosting service users depend on SmarterMail to deliver their email and store related information such as calendars and contacts, but need a way to get this data to their mobile devices. Exchange ActiveSync is the fastest, most powerful synchronization solution available right now and we are incredibly pleased to be able to offer it to all of our customers immediately,” said Kyle Beckham, President of WebECS.

The company will now offer Exchange ActiveSync as an optional add-on for SmarterMail mailboxes. This will allow data to be synchronized instantly between the server and most mobile devices including iPhone, Palm Pre, and Windows Mobile. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync uses push technology to deliver data instantly. The synchronization is real-time and it applies to email, contacts, folders, calendars, notes and tasks. However, it greatly depends on the type of device one is using.

In a statement, Beckham said the company was proud to offer Exchange ActiveSync to its windows hosting customers. “The demand for a reliable, quick synchronization system that is compatible with our Windows hosting as ASP.NET hosting services has been incredible, but it is not enough for us to offer a solution that simply does the job. WebECS has 14 years’ experience of delivering the absolute best service possible, and we have carefully chosen the best synchronization solution to match.” he asserted.

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With this development, customers can enjoy lightning-fast sync to their mobile devices for only $3 per month per mailbox, and keep the information they need available, all the time.

About WebECS
WebECS is a privately owned hosting company that was founded in 1997 specializing in Windows based hosting services including support for all versions of ASP.NET hosting, Windows 2003 hosting, Windows 2008 hosting, Windows dedicated SQL Server 2008, Windows VPS hosting, Windows VDS hosting, and Windows managed dedicated servers.

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