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Web Host Ubiquity Servers Solutions Launches Year-long Server Giveaway for Online Start-ups

Web Host Ubiquity Servers Solutions Launches Year-long Server Giveaway for Online Start-ups

Web host Ubiquity Servers Solutions announced on Monday that it will select two online-based start-ups to receive one free year of managed server hosting during each month of 2013.

Daniel Haim, Director of Digital Marketing, Ubiquity servers, says that their give away approach is completely different from other web hosts who’ve leveraged relationships with startups in many different ways.  “Don’t get me wrong, I see what other people are doing but we have a very different approach, we don’t aim to push marketing anymore, we want to provide information and good content.For me, I speak from personal experience, If I came here as a client to Ubiquity, these are things that I would have loved to have when I was a start-up”

With the help of a team of judges, Ubiquity Servers will sift through the start-up submissions.  The submissions should include a brief summary of the online business platform and explain why the applicant feels its start-up should be selected as a winner of the server giveaway, all in less than 500 words. Open to international start-ups, applicants should have an online-based business, or be developers of an iOS or Android app.

“We are looking to find that hidden gem, we’re looking for somebody who has that spark, who has that potential. As a developer and designer we’re here to help them succeed and help their business grow.” -says Daniel.

About Ubiquity Servers:
Founded in 2004, Ubiquity Servers is a leading hosting provider of dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and co-location services. They provide  services from 7 convenient Data Center locations throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit: .

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