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VMware launches Carbon Avoidance Meter to reduce environmental impact of datacenters

Carbon Avoidance Meter

VMware has unveiled a Carbon Avoidance Meter (CAM) that will help data center operators to reduce the environmental impact of data center usage.

Announced at the RADIO (Research and Development Innovation Offsite) conference, the CAM will provide near real-time carbon scores which will determine the level of carbon footprint and energy usage.

Based on the levels of carbon footprints, the CAM will offer valuable suggestions to reduce the footprint. The scores will be calculated on the basis of telemetry data which is sent to VMware via the VMware Skyline.

VMware Carbon Avoidance Meter will also help in analyzing power consumption to learn about the amount of carbon offset credits required for the data center. Customers can also know the times in a day when they can shift workloads for utilization of more sustainable energy resources.

In addition, CAM will also allow customers to dynamically compute the load based on CPU types in near real-time, calculate loads of monitored systems, and calculate carbon footprint on the basis of data center usage in given geographies.

“An increasing reliance on technologies such as mobile and cloud computing has led to significant energy generation from data centers. To mitigate their impact on the environment, companies need to assess their contributions to climate change and implement products and services that automate and optimize this process, thereby reducing energy outputs,” said Ray O’Farrell, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, VMware.

“At VMware, we are committed to empowering our customers with the resources and tools they need to ultimately reduce environmental impact across our vast customer and partner ecosystem.”

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With CAM, VMware is taking a further step toward its 2020 ambition to create transformative technology that can power a better future for the Earth. The company has a goal to reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency efforts and the procurement of renewable energy and carbon offsets.

VMware’s ultimate aim with the Carbon Avoidance Meter is to develop best practices for customers and set standards for data center energy reduction and green computing.

The new solution will be available to VMware Skyline customers later this year via the VMware Skyline Advisor.

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