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ViUX Adds DomainsBot API to Help Find Premium Domains on Sedo

ViUX Adds DomainsBot API to Help Find Premium Domains on Sedo

Having a  Domain Name that is easy to remember and spell, short and  throws light on content, product or services provided is any budding website owner’s wet dream.  But even a novice netizen will acknowledge the fact that getting the desired domain names, especially with TLDs, is a task akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

In an effort to counter this issue, ViUX™ has integrated DomainsBot API into the Domain Name search function at: This DomainsBot API brings to table two distinctive features. First, with DomainsBot API enabled on, conducting a search for a new Domain Name will not only show the availability of the specific Domain and TLD that was entered, but the results page will also show several related Domain Names that are available for registration. Rings a bell, doesn’t it?  This feature is used by all major e-mail service providers to suggest you the available usernames. Second, DomainsBot API will also list  Premium Domains that are available for purchase from the current owner via

Premium Domain Names are domains that are already owned by someone, but the current owner has put them for sale at So in case one’s desired domain name isn’t available, he has a hairline chance to purchase it at a price ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The onus for safe communication, escrow, and transfer lies solely on and it ensures a completely safe transaction.

This announcement surely brings a whiff of fresh air for clients struggling to find a desired domain name for their upcoming website.

About ViUX Systems, Inc.
ViUX Systems is a privately held North Carolina Corporation established in 2003 – with the mission to provide individuals and businesses of all types and sizes with the Web / Internet Technology and Software Solutions required to offer their products and services to the world.

Sedo is  the global domain marketplace and leading monetisation provider. Sedo’s marketplace connects buyers and sellers making it simple for individuals and companies to acquire the domain names they need for their success and online presence. Sedo’s domain marketplace is the most active in the industry and offers the world’s largest selection of premium domains with more than 16 million available for sale!

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