Virtuozzo to present keynotes and masterclasses to address critical cloud issues at CloudFest 2023

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Virtuozzo, the alternative cloud platform leader, said that it will be presenting two guest keynote presentations and two masterclasses as part of its Platinum sponsorship of CloudFest 2023. CloudFest, which is the top internet infrastructure event in the world, connecting the global cloud computing industry, will be held from March 20-23 in Europa-Park, Germany.

Virtuozzo software enables service providers to build any cloud service – private, public or hybrid. It will be located at booth B04 at CloudFest and available to discuss its IaaSPaaSNext-gen WordPress and hosting solutions.

Virtuozzo Keynotes will feature:

“Why we’re standardizing our hosting platforms, and why you probably should, too.” CTO of Miss Group, Petter Lund, will lead a special guest keynote He will delve into how the company plans to gain a competitive advantage by adopting a single hosting platform for their mass-market hosting brands and another for enterprise hosting. Attendees will learn about the company’s reasons for doing so, the process involved, and the top hosting platforms that were chosen. The event is on March 21st at the Dome Stage, starting at 5:35 PM.

What will it take to save the cloud?” Virtuozzo’s VP of Cloud, Joe Morgan and VP of Strategic Development, Carlos Rego, will talk about the competitive pressure for MSPs and independent cloud service providers while they compete with the hyperscalers and megahosts, and a new kind of exchange that will help respond to the threat. Catch the event on March 23rd, 10:15 AM at the Arena Stage.

Virtuozzo Masterclasses will comprise:

“A deep dive into system containers” Senior Product Manager of Virtuozzo, Maik Broemme will provide information on the uptime, scalability, efficiency and density benefits of system containers, and their use cases. He will show practical demonstrations of how to automate container deployment, scaling, migration, and thin provisioning. The event is on March 21, 10:15 AM at Ballsaal Berlin.

“Automating the deployment of resilient WordPress topologies” Virtuozzo’s Strategic Product Manager Theodore Filippidis will put light on the topologies needed for resilient WordPress at the application and infrastructure levels. He will also demonstrate how to automate multi-region and clustered WordPress enabling customers to access it from service providers with a single click. The event will be held on March 22nd, 10:15 AM at the Rock Café.

“CloudFest is the event for the independent, alternative cloud providers the world depends on for simple, affordable infrastructure-and-platform-as-a-service,” said Alex Fine, CEO, Virtuozzo. “This year CloudFest is focused on critical issues like resilience, security and customer retention, and these are the topics that service providers look to Virtuozzo to address. We provide the cloud-enabling solutions that MSPs, CSPs and hosting providers require for the needs of their customers and deliver value beyond the faceless hyperscale public clouds.” 

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