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Virtuozzo announces free migration program for cloud providers ejected from VMware’s partner program

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Virtuozzo, a leader in providing alternative cloud platform, has launched a free migration program for cloud providers using VMware. This initiative comes in response to modifications in the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP) after its acquisition by Broadcom. Learn more here.

For over two decades, Virtuozzo has been providing service provider cloud. The company’s Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, built on OpenStack, offers a solution free from proprietary lock-ins, incorporating both virtualization and Kubernetes management according to open standards. It provides block, file, and object storage with exceptional performance essential for contemporary enterprises. Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure is designed as a ready-to-use solution, significantly reducing the burdens of deployment, configuration, management, and maintenance that service providers would face if they opted to create their own cloud based on OpenStack.

“VMware has been a watchword for cloud for a very long time, and it is sad to see the impact the Broadcom acquisition has had, at very short notice, for VMware cloud partners and their businesses,” said Alex Fine, Virtuozzo CEO. “We believe in the vital need for alternative cloud providers, for locally-present CSPs and MSPs who offer tailored, sovereign, cost-efficient, properly designed and supported cloud infrastructure services for small businesses, for larger enterprises, and for public sector organizations who depend on robust, affordable cloud. If you used VMware, and now you can’t do that, we’re here to help.” 

The Virtuozzo promotion involves free of cost expert services for members of the VCPP who find themselves ineligible or unwilling to comply with the terms set by VMware following its acquisition by Broadcom. Virtuozzo provides assistance to these entities, enabling them to maintain their operations as cloud service providers while transitioning to a more cost-effective and sustainable solution for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. The range of services provided can cover:

  • Free discovery/requirements analysis
  • Free managed migration from VMware to Virtuozzo’s service provider cloud platform
  • Free managed deployment services
  • Free training, certification, and technical account management

The Virtuozzo cloud solution is inherently multi-tenant and defined through software, featuring customizable self-service portals for both cloud administrators and end-users. It accommodates a broad spectrum of server, networking, and storage equipment, and boasts a partnership, licensing, and support framework that surpasses those of systems developed before the cloud era.

The free services offered by Virtuozzo are percentage-based on the size of the VMware environment that the service provider intends to transition to. This promotional offer is valid until June 30, 2024.

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