Vertical Bridge and DataBank synergize efforts to build micro-data centers

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Vertical Bridge Holdings, LLC – the largest private owner and operator of communication infrastructure, USA, and DataBank Ltd. – leading provider of data center solutions, recently announced a partnership to build micro datacenters at the base of communication towers to add edge computing capacity.

Both the companies are governed by Digital Bridge Holdings, LLC, which is a leading provider of cell towers and communication infrastructure.

The transformation of voice, data and video to wireless delivery has considerably increased the traffic on wireless network architectures. Traditional wireless architectures have a cloud interface at either city or regional level. This not only increases the cost but latency as well.

The partnership will reduce the distance data has to travel between mobile devices and networks of data, online video and voice, and cloud service providers.

Micro-data centers will bring cost-efficiency and reduced latency for carriers and network service providers.

Bernard Borghei, Executive VP of Operations and Co-Founder of Vertical Bridge, said, “Tower-based data centers bring the cloud into local areas and dovetail with the emerging C-RAN network architecture of the future.”

We’re looking forward to working with DataBank to be an important first mover in this space.”

CEO of DataBank – Raul Martynek, considers these micro-data centers as an important Cloud distribution point with a lower price.

He said, “here’s just one jump to the micro data center at the base of the towers, so not only is the latency for accessing the cloud reduced, but it opens the possibility for real-time applications and a richer more immersive experience for end users.”

The founder of Digital Bridge – Marc Ganzi, believes that the partnership will be extremely fruitful and powerful for the data center and network infrastructure distribution fields.

He said, “This partnership is just one example of the convergence that we believe is the future of communications infrastructure, and we’re looking forward to continuing to provide more innovations like the Vertical Bridge/DataBank collaboration to support the needs of our customers. “

Read full announcement here.

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