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Understanding Virtual Premium Servers and their Advantages over Shared and Dedicated Servers

Understanding Virtual Premium Servers and their Advantages over Shared and Dedicated Servers

What are Virtual Premium Servers?
VPS servers are Virtual Servers, which appear to the end user as a dedicated server. One big server can hold multiple virtual servers, each running their own operating system. VPS’s can either come fully managed by the provider, or self-managed by the end user.

VPS servers are allocated a certain amount of CPU, RAM / memory, storage space and monthly bandwidth. Resources are not oversold, or shared with any other users on the server.

Advantages of Virtual Premium Servers:
VPS’s have various advantages over both shared hosting and dedicated servers. For customers looking for a dedicated server on a budget, VPS’s are often the perfect choice. Not only do they provide  power than regular shared hosting (greater dedicated resources), but they’re also much cheaper than an entry level dedicated server.

If your website’s traffic and size have outgrown traditional shared hosting, but the jump to dedicated is too costly, VPS is the perfect upgrade. The upgrade process is fairly simple and many hosting providers (including eleven2), can migrate customers between shared and VPS extremely easily.

Your Virtual Machine will not suffer from major performance issues with other VM’s on the same server, as each VM is allocated its own chunk of dedicated server resources.

Another advantage of VPS servers, is the scalability they bring into the picture. Should your website require more resources, you can always scale your VM up to the next VPS plan. Not all VPS providers allow this, but it is extremely common in the industry.

Eleven2 Virtual Premium Servers:
The eleven2 development team has spent countless hours in our lab, developing the next generation VPS platform. Using only state of the art enterprise grade hardware, our VPS architecture is cutting edge.

Using Acceleron Caching Technology, all frequently accessed data from your website is cached onto SSD drives, boosting performance and making websites faster. Eleven2’s VPS platform is up to 40% faster than standard VPS providers. Our VPS’s are also 100% fully managed, and start from just $49 per month.

To view our range of fully managed Virtual Premium Servers, please click here. Those who want to have a look as to where their eleven2 VPS servers will be located, check out the video below.

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