Ubuntu 19.04 released with focus on open infrastructure, developer desktop, and IoT

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Ubuntu 19.04

Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ is finally here.

Canonical has released the latest version of Ubuntu with a focus on open infrastructure deployments, developer desktop, internet of things (IoT), as well as cloud to edge software distribution.

Ubuntu is a leading open source Linux distribution based on Debian, and an operating system for desktop, server, and cloud computing.

The latest version of Ubuntu will bring integrations with the main open infrastructure projects, including OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Ceph. There will be advanced life-cycle management for multi-cloud and on-premise operations.

For IoT, it will add support for AWS DeepRacer, a developer-centric model for autonomous ground vehicle community development. Along with this, Ubuntu 19.04 will also have integration with the Edge X stack and multiple smart display solutions.

The company said that over 2,000 independent software publishers distribute their apps to Linux desktops, appliances and cloud virtual machines (VMs) via the snap store. This is an increase of around 30% since October 2018.

For developers, Canonical has added Microsoft Visual Studio Code to the set of tools published as snaps. Developers will be able to install multiple instances of the same snap for CI/CD, testing or phased rollouts.

If Ubuntu is installed on VMware, the open-vm-tools for bi-directional clipboard will get installed automatically.

Users of Ubuntu who upgrade to v19.04 will also get GNOME 3.32. It comes with higher frame rates, icons that load faster, smoother animations, and faster loading for CPU and GPU.

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It is worth noting that Ubuntu 19.04 is a standard release which will be supported for next nine months.

“The open-source-first on Ubuntu movement in telco, finance, and media has spread to other sectors. From the public cloud to the private data center to the edge appliance or cluster, open source has become the reference for efficiency and innovation,” said Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical.

“Ubuntu 19.04 includes the leading projects to underpin that transition, and the developer tooling to accelerate the applications for those domains”

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