Ubersmith brings together 50 disparate business operations systems at Atlantic.Net

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Atlantic.Net Inc., a global cloud services provider, has replaced or integrated over 50 different device management, subscription billing, and customer support systems into one. Ubersmith business management software has enhanced business processes from 7 to 14 days a day, enabling quick response to support issues and making a 55% improvement in billing for customer overuse by enabling resolution in the last half did.

“By consolidating all our previous systems into Ubersmith, customer information related to billing, products and service is centralized in one place, making it readily accessible,” said Marty Puranik, founder and CEO, Atlantic.Net. “Plus, we’ve eliminated the need for training our staff on different systems, which saves countless hours and streamlines resources.”

We can automatically tie support tickets to information about specific devices and customers, and as a result, our support ticket times have dropped in half,” said Puranik. “Also, we have better capabilities to monitor customer usage and bill accordingly, which is a net positive for revenue growth.”

Atlantic.Net has gained great substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies by reducing several redundant systems.

Released in 1994 in Gainesville, Florida, Atlantic.Net soon extended to other cities with the opening of new offices and the acquisitions of various service providers. Now, it operates out of five data centers in the U.S., one in the U.K., and one in Canada, with plans to extend its services in Singapore and Amsterdam by the next year. Atlantic.Net is a global cloud services provider, giving over 15,000 customers with business-class dedicated and cloud hosting solutions backed by 24/7/365 support.

Ubersmith is an efficiently customizable, modular, and integrated software suite for subscription billing, order management, quoting, infrastructure management, and ticketing. A plug-in system provides the flexibility to extend and integrate other software used as part of the operation of the business. Ubersmith provides a software development kit (SDK) and an application programming interface (API) to let customers and partners to quickly integrate other systems and programs with the Ubersmith suite.

“We make extensive use of Ubersmith APIs to integrate with other systems that we use for payments, accounting, domain registration, security certificates and more,” said Puranik.

Intensive integrations with the Ubersmith software lets Atlantic.Net to achieve high levels of efficiency in operations, promoting better employee productivity and ultimately providing higher levels of customer service. Atlantic.Net is known for delivering outstanding products, service, and high customer satisfaction with one of the lower customer churn rates in the VPS hosting industry.

With Ubersmith’s plans to soon add support for Salesforce, Atlantic.Net will be able to tie in its sales and prospecting activities, with customer quotes in its systems.

“Atlantic.Net has done an impressive job at leveraging the capabilities we provide in Ubersmith’s business management, infrastructure and operations software,” said Kurt Daniel, CEO of Ubersmith. “We’re pleased to be an important partner for their business as they continue to grow and expand in the cloud services and hosting arenas.”

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