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Twitter Accounts Been Blocked By ISPs

Are you the one whose Twitter accounts got inaccessible? Read out the story to know why it happened.

As per the NDTV’s news report,  they have the confirmed reports of MTNL and Airtel blocking  the individuals Twitter account of at least 5 users  and they also have the unconfirmed reports of many other ISPs.  Users trying to login to their Twitter profiles were greeted by the message that their account has been blocked .The same problem was reflected with Airtel too. Now people are easily able to log into their respective account after the outrage of this issue on the web, probably made the ISPs to reverse this action.

However on Wednesday,  same kind of blocking was encountered by the users when they were not able to access the most popular video website YouTube. Airtel , popular Indian ISP  users were the only one who faced this problem.  As per the news when users tried to access the website they were greeted with the message “This website/URL has been blocked until further notice either pursuant to court orders or on the Directions issued by the Department of Telecommunications”

However the issue was resolved within a few minutes when NDTV reported this issue. Airtel made a statement, “This is an industry specific issue and not just restricted to Airtel. We can’t really comment on anything really specific but if you need comments it will be best if (you talk to) an industry body or the regulator talks about the same.”

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