Tweets Become Transactions with Chirpify

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[DAILYHOSTNEWS] Are you thinking of that 140 characters tweet that has always defined the twitter? Or you just remember it as a marketing tool used by companies to announce their product launches, offers, etc. Well Chirpify redefines the Twitter!! Chirpify, Twitter Commerce Platform, provide the twitter users with an excellent feature of shopping through tweets.

Chirpify gives a new face to twitter as users can buy, sell a product or even make donations for a generous cause  by making use of tweets. So you must be asking how Chirpify works. It’s simple!! Signing up with Chirpify automatically links user’s twitter and PayPal accounts to Chirpify. Sellers put there commodities on the dashboard and tweet the link. Interested people can reply the tweet with simple commands such as “BUY”, “SELL” or ”DONATE” as per their interests to buy, sell or donate respectively.

We hear you saying Voila!! I need not enter my card details again & again. Yes you need not as with Chirpify the amount will be automatically credited or debited to the PayPal account as per the tweets.

Will you  use Chirpify to transact through twitter? Let us know through comments.

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