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TV Gets Interactive with Microsoft Kinect Nat Geo TV Game for Xbox 360

Microsoft brings in revolutionary 2-way TV experience with the launch of Kinect NAT GEO TV game, exclusively launched for the Xbox360. The Kinect NAT GEO TV game is the first such game to be available in India that lets children talk directly to the TV show, by playing the roles of a variety of animals across their natural habitats as featured in the game.

The Nat Geo TV Xbox game includes eight 30-minute episodes of Casey Anderson’s “America the Wild” and allows simultaneous play by two people.  The game is priced at Rs. 2399/ and it has hit today stores across India.

Published by Microsoft in partnership with National Geographic and Relentless Software, the game gives children a chance to be a part of the NAT GEO TV show and play the part of the animals they see on the show. Kinect Nat Geo TV, a blend of world-renowned Nat Geo WILD TV programs with the intuitive Kinect for Xbox 360 technology, takes children and their families to the stunning natural environment of planet Earth filled with the wonders of animals and their unique and fascinating natural surroundings.

 “The Kinect NAT GEO TV game with its unique 2-Way TV Experience, is part of Microsoft’s effort to bring to India the latest in playful learning. The game encourages children to learn in a manner that is fun and engaging. Through the TV set, which most children spend a lot of time watching, Kinect NAT GEO game uses Kinect to turn the living room into natural habitats and players into a range of animals, creating a truly immersive experience for children. A unique innovation in the way children take in deep learning about their environment and observe nature and wildlife in a realistic manner. It’s a great combination of learning through doing as the Kinect technology enables young children to access learning through gaming naturally, using their body and voice to interact with the show,” said Mr. Anshu Mor, Category Lead, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft India.

According to Microsoft’s press release, Kinect scans the living room and projects back its image on the TV screen in the form of a natural habitat for an animal with grass, trees and other things. Children can be invited to, for example, look for food as a bear. As they call out to the TV set with this request, an image of the child appears on the TV screen complete with a bear head and claws, roaming around looking for food around the wild terrain recreated right there at home.

The top features of the games includes :

  • Revolutionary 2-Way TV experience Innovation: Through the magic of “reach in and explore” interactivity on Kinect, kids do more than just watch television — they will engage, play and learn using their full bodies, gestures and voices. As they call out to the animals on screen, kids get a chance to learn about their natural habitat, see their own image with an animal head and paws and their living room projected on to the TV screen complete with grass growing on the living room sofa.
  • Industry-leading innovation with Kinect: Kinect’s intuitive voice and gesture based commands help children bypass the need for complex remotes and user interfaces and learn at their pace. Microsoft keeps children constantly engaged with interesting puzzles and details about exotic animals.
  • Go Wild Feature: Details about each animal are divided into chapters. Each animal is capped off with a Go Wild game that lets the child become a wild animal of their choice and learn through exploring its natural habitat.
  • Sidetrack: Paw-prints crawl across the TV screen, if the child spots the prints and calls out, the game’s Sidetrack feature goes into a secret episode which lets the child learn a little more about animals and their habitat.
  • Win a Badge:As children play, solve puzzles and learn, they win points and unlock badges

A couple of days back Sony also launched its new version of Playstation3.

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