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Trend Micro’s new solution makes container security integral part of DevOps workflows

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Deep Security Smart Check

Leading cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has unveiled a new security solution called Deep Security Smart Check, enabling DevOps teams to continuously scan the container images before deployment.

Trend Micro already provides Deep Security solution to protect the Docker hosts and containers that run on Linux distributions. The new solution will complement the Deep Security, said Trend Micro.

Deep Security Smart Check can scan the container images in private and cloud registries even before they are deployed to production. It detects the malware, assess the vulnerabilities and notifies the users. DevOps teams can visualize the scan results through a dashboard and resolve the security issues in the development cycle itself, rather than after releasing the application.

“Container platforms are enabling organizations to achieve faster software development release cycles, and they do not accept slowing down for additional security measures,” said Bill McGee, SVP and GM of Hybrid Cloud Security at Trend Micro.

“All workload environments require security – container environments are no different. Their sheer volume and temporary nature can create security gaps for attackers to exploit. We can also expect that attackers who attack live server application environments will move their focus to the software build cycle, trying to deploy malware from within the build environment.”

Released as a part of Hybrid Cloud solution powered by Trend Micro XGen technology, Smart Check supports most of the popular cloud registries including Docker Trusted Registry, Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Azure Container Registry, and Google Container Registry.

Trend Micro said that Deep Security Smart Check can reduce the disruption of development schedules and workflows with threat intelligence to maximize threat detection in continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline.

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In addition, the cybersecurity firm also released a new set of APIs and an automation center with resources, which will automate the security through better integrations.

Deep Security Smart Check is now globally available.

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