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Transmit Kisses Physically through Kissenger

Lovotics, Singapore-based robotics research group, introduces Kissenger – A Kiss Messenger that consists of a pair of robots to transfer kiss over distance.

According to company, Kissenger provides a novel way of transferring a kiss through interactive digital media. It provides a physical interface enabling kiss communication for several applications facilitating intimate human tele-presence with the real and virtual worlds.  With the aid of digital communication media and advanced robotic technology, the system takes the form of an artificial mouth that provides the convincing properties of the real kiss.

Check out this video to see how Kissenger works.


Kissenger enables three modes of interaction:

1. Human to Human tele-kiss through the device: bridges the physical gap between two intimately connected individuals. Kissenger plays the mediating role in the kiss interaction by imitating and recreating the lip movement of both users in real time using two digitally connected artificial lips.

2.  Human to Robot kiss: enabling an intimate relationship with a robot, such technology provides a new facility for closer and more realistic interactions between humans and robots.  In this scenario, one set of artificial lips is integrated in a humanoid robot.

3. Human to Virtual character physical/virtual kiss:  provides a link between the virtual and real worlds. Here, humans can kiss virtual characters while playing games and receive physical kisses from their favorite virtual characters. Further, Kissenger can be integrated into modern communication devices to facilitate the interactive communication between natural and technologically mediated environments and enhance human tele-presence.

The application has been developed developed by Dr. Hooman Samani, founder of Lovotics.  “ It is a system designed to augment interaction between two individuals– whether friends, family members, or partners– across long distances”, said Samani.

Did this tool will make a long distance relationship more longer? Tell us through comments.


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