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Top 10 Online Training Software to Use in 2020

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Online training software is a trending solution these days. Professional training and development were always among the most critical efforts for many organizations across verticals. Online training tools help businesses streamline training and improve accessibility.

The problem is that there are too many online training tools on the market. Finding the best one is a challenging task. If you experience a similar situation, the following list can be of use to you.

Here are the top 10 online training software to use in 2020.

ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is an outstanding cloud-based online training solution. It comes with a “drag-and-drop” course builder that you can use even if you have no previous experience in course building. There is a training course library you can customize and use. ProProfs training maker also supports quizzes to help you streamline assessments on the go.

ProProfs Training maker is entirely mobile-ready. It works on all devices and comes with support for over 70+ languages. Automatic tracking, grading, and delightful reports & analytics will help you manage courses, individual learners, and update content without breaking a sweat.


Docebo is another great cloud-based online training software. It features an intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use. When it comes to features, it doesn’t fall behind ProProfs Training Maker.

There is a user-friendly course builder, comprehensive reporting & analytics features, and a library of courses. It comes with dozens of widgets that you can add to the courses just by dragging and dropping them. Docebo supports various integrations so that you can continue using your core tools.

Docebo comes with a gamification feature that you can use to make your courses more engaging and fun. Learners can earn badges, and you can choose to display them on the company leaderboard. You can also import various media to make courses more appealing.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite comes with an extensive eLearning toolkit. The platform works across all platforms and on all screen sizes. It also offers a powerful course builder.

The one thing that sets iSpring Suite apart is the support for PowerPoint presentations. Creators can import presentations and turn them in course material in a few simple clicks. The layout library will help you create courses faster and still be able to deliver professional-looking learning materials.

One of the most powerful features is the Narration Editor. You can use it to record audio and video materials and synchronize them with the course slides.

The iSpring assessment toolkit is diverse. You can deploy quizzes and surveys on the go, thanks to the beautiful quiz editor.


SmarterU is a tool developed by learning solutions experts for companies searching for versatile learning management systems. SmarterU’s strongest point is the user interface. Yes, it’s easy to use it. The tool uses color codes so that it is extremely easy to search information, both by course creators and learners.

Learners have access to notes that they can use to write down important information. Creators can build a library of courses and enable learners to self-enroll and learn at their own pace. With due dates and course prerequisites, creators can make customized learning paths for a group of learners or individuals.


SkyPrep is a robust online learning software. Considering the number of options and settings, the platform is quite easy to use. The user dashboard is well-organized. Creators can quickly access all the features, including creating learning paths, automated grading, and a course maker. Analytics and reporting are a standard feature in this industry, and SkyPrep delivers.

There are dozens of reporting features built to facilitate assessment and audits. User management is where SkyPre excels. Creators can organize learners by departments, demographics, or how they decide to automate course invitations, issue certificates, and segment reporting.

Electa Live

Electa Live is a versatile learning management system with virtual classroom support. Course creators can deploy learning materials in several different ways. They can use materials to create courses or launch lives online classes, meetings, and one-on-one sessions. The user interface is somewhat complicated, and it will take you some time to learn how to use the settings and options.

The best thing about Electa Live is the online training classroom. It comes with HD video and audio support, collaboration tools, whiteboards, markup tools, and file and document sharing.


Lessonly comes with powerful features to help centralize your training efforts and streamline learning for all teams across all departments. The Lessonly dashboard is intuitive and straightforward. Creating courses is easy, and the course builder supports images and videos as well.

Lessonly has a great module named Practice. It enables learners to practice their skills in real-life scenarios. Aside from automated grading and reports, Lessonly also offers course creators the ability to assess the training engagement and learner satisfaction rates.


TalentLMS is a cloud-based learning management system. The platform is built with ease of use in mind. The course creator in TalentLMS supports most media files and allows creators to import presentations and various content from the web.

Course prerequisites and individual learning paths can help you custom-tailor the learning experience. TalentLMS also comes with blended learning and gamification features to help you improve retention rates across the board.


Mindflash is a learning management software developed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. It is relatively easy to use. The intuitive course creator and questions library can help you make and deliver courses in a matter of minutes. Mindflash comes with an excellent conversion tool to help you import all your learning materials and make them available online.

Course creators can use various criteria to define training groups and use automated emails for reminders and confirmations. Using the reporting tools is easy as the platform delivers comprehensive course reports as well as group and individual reports.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is another viable option to facilitate corporate learning. The platform offers learning by use cases ranging from employee and compliance training to sales, partner, and customer training. A powerful and robust course library is at the core of the SAP Litmos system.

The platform doesn’t restrict creators to use pre-built packaged training courses. They also have the option to use the simple course creator to create custom courses. Besides standard assessment tools, SAP Litmos also supports  video assessments to enable course creators to gauge the learners’ progression better.


These are the 10 best online training software to use in 2020. As you can see, all these platforms share some common features. There are also features that make each tool unique. Since you are the one who knows your organization’s training needs better, we will leave it to you to decide which one to use.

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