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Tier 3 Launches Global Cloud Object Storage Powered by Riak CS Enterprise

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Public cloud infrastructure and cloud management tools provider Tier 3 today announced the general availability of its new, distributed object storage service with automated data center redundancy.

Tier 3 has added a layer of enterprise-grade capabilities on object storage, with automatic redundancy to a second geographic location. – Jared Wray, founder and CTO, Tier 3.

Tier 3 has chosen Riak CS Enterprise from Basho Technologies to deliver this new service. The cloud storage software runs on top of Riak, a sophisticated open-source distributed database that provides high availability, fault tolerance, and operational simplicity.

Some salient features of the new object storage service from Tier 3 are:

  • Storage for Large Objects: Users may store any type of file in the Tier 3 cloud – images, videos, documents, database backups, archives, and more. The service supports direct uploads for files up to 5 GB, while larger files may be stored using multi part file uploads.
  • Geographic Redundancy & High Availability: Files – or “objects” – stored in Tier 3’s cloud are automatically replicated to a secondary in-country data center, thereby providing customers with native “high availability” that improves performance, reliability, and ensures that critical data is never lost. The automatic replication also delivers geo-data locality, a feature that allows enterprises to pre-determine the physical locations of specific data. This can be used to address regulatory compliance and improve the end-customer experience through ultra low latency.
Multi-datacenter replication by Tier 3's new Object storage

Multi-datacenter replication by Tier 3’s new Object storage

  • Storage for Public Files, Plus Permissions to Keep Objects Private: Users may host public files with object storage – for example, images used in web applications or downloadable multimedia content. For additional security, files stored in Tier 3 are flagged as private by default.
  • S3 Compatibility: Users familiar with S3 may re-use existing code assets with the Tier 3 object storage service. The company’s API supports service, bucket, and object-level operations. In addition, object storage from Tier 3 is compatible with many S3 file management utilities.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security, with Key-Pair Permissions: System administrators may store collections of files in buckets that are protected with unique key-pairs. Admins can simply point-and-click to assign permissions to other users as needed.
  • Scalability: Object storage from Tier 3 can easily scale to any size desired.

“Object storage in the cloud has proven to be a best practice for real-time data backups and archiving. With the launch of this service, Tier 3 has added a layer of enterprise-grade capabilities on object storage, with automatic redundancy to a second geographic location,” said Jared Wray, founder and CTO, Tier 3.

“Partnering with Basho has allowed us to provide enterprises with a simple, scalable storage platform for their applications and data. Furthermore, this service will support data sovereignty scenarios for sensitive data,” he added.

Object storage from Tier 3 is available immediately in its two Canadian data centers. Tier 3 plans to extend service to its data centers in the U.K. and mainland Europe soon with additional locations in the U.S. scheduled for next quarter.

Users can pay monthly for the amount of storage allocated on Tier 3’s federated cloud data centers, and may scale storage up or down as per their needs.

“Businesses are increasingly asking for options to meet their rapidly growing and diverse object storage requirements,” said Justin Sheehy, CTO, Basho.

“Tier 3’s offering is powerful as it emphasizes enterprise requirements for security and resiliency while also providing the flexibility users expect from a public cloud. Basho is excited to see Riak CS’ unique multi-data center replication perform as a core component underlying Tier 3’s new global cloud object storage offering,” he added.

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