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Through its Partnership with Jelastic, ServInt Introduces Cloud-based Java Hosting Services

Through its Partnership with Jelastic, ServInt Introduces Cloud-based Java Hosting Services

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 4, 2011 – Managed hosting for enterprises provider ServInt has today announced that it is the exclusive North American launch partner for Hivext technologies’ cloud- based Java deployment platform known as Jelastic. A free beta test of the Jelastic PaaS platform is also available in North America, though for a limited time.

The Jelastic platform is purely cloud-based thus allowing users to set up auto scaling Java applications in a matter of seconds. Jelastic automatically installs, configures and interconnects server instances with selected software stacks. The good thing about Jelastic is that it does not require any API coding and it is compatible with a wide range of industry-standard software stacks.

While giving his views on this new development, ServInt Founder and CEO Reed Caldwell stated, “As the world’s businesses increasingly migrate their IT operations into the cloud, ServInt provides cloud-based products that look beyond hype to offer real operational value, Jelastic’s revolutionary cloud-based Java platform is one such product, and we’re thrilled to be the exclusive North American launch partner for the offering.”

“With Jelastic, putting a Java app in the cloud is as easy as pointing to a java.war file – Jelastic takes care of everything else.  There’s no server or OS to maintain, and resources auto-scale as needed, with easily configurable caps to ensure the user stays within budget.  We believe it’s a true game changer,” he added.

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In his statement, Hivext Technologies CEO Ruslan Synytskyy said, “When we began looking for a partner in the North American business-hosting market, ServInt was at the top of our list.  They have unparalleled expertise designing and deploying virtualization technologies, 16 years of experience serving the needs of the business-hosting market, and a customer service group that is the envy of the industry.  We couldn’t be more satisfied with our choice of hosting and distribution partner.”

The free Jelastic beta for Java developers who are interested is available at

About ServInt
Founded in 1995 by Reed J. Caldwell, ServInt Corporation specializes in the provision of managed virtual private servers, dedicated webhosting services and open proxies. It has a client base that spans across 60 nationalities.

Location: McLean, Virginia, United States


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