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The future of Enterprise Sales is AI powered Digital Sales

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The future of Enterprise Sales is AI powered Digital Sales
Wed, 07/07/2021 – 21:14

With the pandemic triggering a massive shift in the way business is done, traditional processes and playbooks are no longer relevant for many enterprise functions, be it marketing, sales or supply chain. Particularly in sales, almost overnight, the entire lifecycle underwent an overhaul. Face to face meetings, traditional networking events and other sales tactics that require human contact have lost favor and B2B sales is on the verge of a makeover.

Enter AI

If you think about it, the B2B sales ecosystem has been inching its way along on a digital powered transformation journey and recent events simply accelerated the change. Guided selling, sales forecasting and planning, sales opportunity recommenders, conversational engines for capturing sales knowledge – there’s a powerful role AI can play along the length and breadth of the sales ecosystem to drive operational effectiveness, and enable sales folks to do their jobs better.

Even as sales forecasting continues to be an area where everybody is constantly looking for improvements, traditionally “unsolvable” problems such as capturing tribal sales knowledge are now witnessing the real possibility of AI-fuelled solutions that can capture sales inputs, synthesise them and offer contextual intelligence for better deal conversion. As customer decision journeys become more complex, AI-powered digital sales enablement can help identify what is important to decision makers, as well as how and where to direct resources for maximum revenue impact.

The early adopters of AI are already seeing significant value and others are now catching up. And it goes without saying that any and all AI-powered transformation must be backed by executive sponsorship, culture evolution and change management to truly deliver value.

Sales Transformation Expert and Influencer Jim Dickie recently spoke to BRIDGEi2i in the AI to Impact podcast about his views on Digital Sales.

Jim Dickie is widely respected for his ideas on Digital Sales Transformation and has over three decades of sales/marketing management experience. He is an independent research fellow for Sales Mastery and former co-founder of CSO insights. His research and writing are highly sought after, and looked up to as a guiding light for many enterprise sales organizations.

In these two podcasts, Jim discusses how Digital Sales Transformation led by AI, backed by a culture shift among sales folks can help enterprises retain customers and drive growth.

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