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The Future Is Here: How Augmented and Virtual Reality Are Changing the World

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Now: Augmented and Virtual Reality (also known as XR) games are getting more popular as headsets like Facebook’s Oculus sell faster than ever.

New: Many consumers are beginning to see companies roll out AR features that allow them to see 3D models of products in their space, a major improvement to the shopping experience and a feature shown to boost sales.

Next: XR isn’t only improving at breakneck speed, but it’s already beginning to revolutionize a lot more than gaming. Where else is it going and what can we expect to see? Here are five industries that are already seeing advances thanks to this emerging technology.


From training to real-time assistance, XR is bringing medicine into the 21st century. While doctors and surgeons may practice using the technology, it was recently reported that an actual surgery was done with the help of Augmented Reality. Ensuring precision and accuracy in the operation, XR is already proving to be an invaluable resource for healthcare and the greater good.


Artists are known to love experimenting with new mediums, and XR has been no exception. From creating mind-blowing tributes to animated movies (so mind-blowing that Pixar even shared the fan’s work) to outdoor exhibitions in cities like London, the potential for XR in creating new forms of art and increasing accessibility is an exciting development for a world long seen as “exclusive.”


Another art form already benefiting from XR? Music. While the experiences themselves could use an overhaul, virtual concerts have a lot of potential. Aside from bringing artists to global audiences and increasing accessibility to music, there’s a huge opportunity for people to interact with other people, and for brands to interact with people through innovative forms of sponsorship. Artists like Major Lazer and John Legend have already demonstrated the appeal – it’s only a matter of time before everyone’s ready to rock out from their couch.


Bulky exercise equipment might be all the rage right now (looking at you, Peloton), but those days are numbered. As graphics improve and developers bring new applications to life, the ability to stay fit with Virtual Reality is quickly becoming a reality. Reviewers can attest that not only are the workouts very real (they’re not just energetic games), but they’re also intense, sweaty experiences. Gross – but we’ll see you in virtual bootcamp!


From attending VR fashion shows to trying on a virtual pair of shoes, the fashion world has spoken: XR is in vogue. It’s safe to say we can expect to see more major designers look to technology as they reimagine their collections and how consumers interact with their brand. And while they’re using XR to spark creativity, the e-commerce arm of the fashion industry has sprung into action with new ways to advertise their product (Gucci Snapchat filters, anyone?). As AR and VR come to be expected in every aspect of the sartorial experience, this ever-evolving industry should have no trouble reinventing itself yet again.

Bonus: Your Industry Is Next

Wondering how you can get 3D models as quickly as possible? Thinking about creating an interactive XR experience for your brand? Or maybe you have no idea what you want, but you’ve seen the light (you’re welcome) and you know that XR is what you need.