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Technitium Releases MAC Address Changer 6.0

DAILYHOSTNEWS, January 09, 2012 – Technitium has released version 6.0 of its MAC Address Changer tool, extending the program’s abilities with many new network options and features.

If you simply want to find out more about your system, for instance, then launching the program will reveal all its network adapters, along with their speed, MAC address, IP address(es), gateways, DNS servers and even a graph charting adapter traffic.

MAC Address Changer 6.0 now also provides the ability to change your gateway, IP address, DNS Server and more with a quick right-click on the relevant section of the IP Address pane. It’s just as easy to release or renew your current IP address with any selected network adapter. And the new build extends this with IPv6 support, too.

Of course what the program is really all about is changing an adapter’s MAC address, something that can be very useful in protecting your privacy or testing your network security, and here operations are as easy as ever. In a click or two you’re able to generate a random MAC address, enter one manually, or choose the address from a list; this can apply just for the current session, or be made persistent; and the original address can then be restored when testing is complete.

While this works just fine in most cases, the rules for MAC address use on Windows can be complex and there are some potential problems.

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