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TeamQuest Extends Lead In The Cloud With Acquisition Of Performance Surveyor

DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 30, 2011 – TeamQuest Corporation announced the acquisition of Performance Surveyor from Solution Labs, a Canadian capacity management company.  Performance Surveyor strengthens the unique TeamQuest automated analytics and capacity management offerings that are so critical to the success of physical, virtual and cloud IT environments.

“Virtualization is a main technology underpinning cloud computing — and capacity management is a key pre-requisite to successful virtualization,” said TeamQuest Product Manager Scott Adams. “If capacity is not effectively managed in these environments, you’ll have service disruptions, or waste the efficiency and cost savings that prompted these virtualization and cloud computing projects in the first place.

“TeamQuest Performance Software combined with Performance Surveyor uniquely delivers flexible and adaptable service-centric capacity management without the requirement for expensive and time consuming consulting services that delay adoption strategies,” said Adams.

The union of TeamQuest and Performance Surveyor products uniquely delivers:

  • Powerful analytics, including fast and accurate predictive capabilities with an easy to use analytic queuing network solver
  • Cloud scalability, proven by installations at Fortune 100 companies optimizing capacity in highly dynamic service oriented environments of over 40,000 physical and virtual systems
  • Extremely fast ROI, installing in minutes, delivering out-of-the box intelligence, and integrating with the performance and capacity tools and data you already have
  • True service perspective, by crossing technology silos with the industry’s first distributed, federated CMIS — integrating data spanning all technologies, as well as business, service and financial sources, without requiring data replication into yet another data store
  • Cost-effective flexibility, through customized analysis, reporting and drag-and-drop metric integration — no lengthy and expensive consulting services required
  • Single integrated solution, gathering, storing and managing performance data in ways that simultaneously enable wide-ranging enterprise reporting analysis and drill-down to the details you need to solve real problems


“Delivering on the full promise of service-centric virtualization and cloud computing means you must implement, manage and optimize in a way that’s adaptable and flexible to precisely meet your requirements,” said TeamQuest President, Jerred Ruble. “Customers world-wide have realized the benefits of Performance Surveyor in environments with more than 40,000 servers, tens of thousands of virtual servers, and hundreds of thousands of network elements.”

About TeamQuest

TeamQuest Corporation is the global leader in IT Service Optimization (ITSO), specializing in Capacity Management software. TeamQuest helps IT organizations consistently meet service levels while minimizing costs and mitigating risks. By combining performance data and business metrics, TeamQuest software enables IT organizations to provide accurate, objective information as input to critical business decisions. Companies around the world trust TeamQuest software to help them proactively improve service delivery and support best practices.

About Solution Labs

Solution Labs delivers the most comprehensive and easy to use performance analysis solution for today’s complex Capacity Management challenges. Solution Labs singular focus is delivering a solution that enables customers to “Accelerate Resource Planning Intelligence.”

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