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Take Personal Responsibility to Make 2021 Your Best!

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Move from worrier to a warrior. Move from victim to victor.

As we walk into 2021 with hope and faith of renewal that we all desire, I was reminded of what my father once said to be “A person’s true strength will be known in his revival, not in his survival”.

These are words of great wisdom to start 2021… And inspired by them, 2021 for me is about decisive optimism and consciously living a more authentic life to make this year my best. I am committed to living ‘more’ intentionally, upholding my purpose and truth with love, compassion, courage, resilience and gratitude in each moment in 2021 to renew and resurrect from the ruins of the adversity.

Decisive optimism is not blind positivity nor is it naïve. It is the practice of looking for the silver-linings in any cloud. It is the ability to see the emptiness of glass half empty while choosing to focus on the fullness of the other half of the glass. 2020 definitely gave us many “half empty” moments. 2021 will be defined by our ability to see the “half full” opportunities.

Adversity is a gift from the Universe…..

Instead of wasting time focusing on the wrong or complaining, lets focus on doing something right by making ‘better’ choices. The purpose of adversity is to make us stronger. The purpose of adversity is to propel us into action. Work towards renewal we so desire. To build, to resurrect and emerge from the ashes of the adversity and pour a solid foundation that our future can stand on. Who have you strengthened today? What action have you taken to reinvent & renew today?

I refuse to be a participant in chaos. I want to be an advocate for solutions. Optimism and a positive attitude is THE most powerful thing. Don’t forget that grass grows through concrete.

Let go of the pain you endured in 2020 and choose to move forward using the learnings, while making room for new accomplishments. Cleaning isn’t just good for your house, it’s healthy for your mind. Embrace a growth mindset and adopt the attitude that you can and will make 2021 your best, because it’s true. It is indeed all about attitude and mindset.

Take personal responsibility of your life, your NOW!

We all have greatness within us. The secret ingredient to unleash it is to take personal responsibility of your life. Replace blaming and complaining with acts of intention to be the victor of your life.

We often hear to take 100% responsibility for our life. What is the big deal about it? The big deal is that it puts you at cause and not at effect, meaning that you accept that you create your life and not just reacting to it. You appreciate that things happen for you and not to you. You move into the driver seat of your life’s journey and allows you to choose how to respond to life’s challenges.

So how will this look in everyday life with my 2021 mantras?

Live with decisive optimism

Active optimism is my mandate to bounce back, to renew, to avoid being a victim. It is the belief that I can be an agent of change. Optimism breeds self-confidence that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy when it is honed with a dose of realism. But the optimistic mandate to be resilient alone will not be enough. So I choose to lead it into …decisive action in order to rebound and renew.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, if all you do is sit on the right track and wait for something to happen, it will. You will get run over. Or, perhaps at least an opportunity will be lost. Being decisive is hard. That’s why it’s rare.

Ask yourself, “Am I accepting status -quo? Am I seeing problems or opportunities? Am I taking chance, taking risks, making difficult decisions and getting out of my comfort zone?

 Live in the present moment

Life is now. There is only one moment, now. Take responsibility for this moment and make the best of it to redeem the past and create the future you want. Paulo Coelho wrote something to this effect in his biography.

Be the gatekeeper of your thoughts and refuse to have a rerun of the same 60000 thoughts of yesterday if they do not get you want you want in life.

Choose your thoughts carefully and when you become present you have the awareness of what you are thinking and feeling every moment. This then allows you to interrupt thoughts that do not serve you. Intentionally change them in the moment to what you want to create in that moment to live your best life.

Ask yourself, “Am I in the present moment and what do I want?”

 Use the power of intention

You have the power to choose. In fact, you are making choices all the time. Tea or coffee, red dress or black dress, hair up or down, yoga or go for a run. Even by not making a choice, you are making a choice.

Become intentional in making choices by having a vision in mind. A vision for your life, your leadership, your relationship, your health, wealth, etc.

Living intentionally by deliberately making choices aligned to your purpose, your truth, is consciously taking responsibility for your life.

Ask, “Is saying yes to this moving me towards my purpose?”


The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.

Most of all, taking 100% responsibility of your life, changes your energy and put you in higher vibrating mind-body states. As you know, we are energy, our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are energy and the law of attraction brings us more of what we think and feel. It merely matches the energy of your thoughts and feelings with experiences that will give you the same energy.

Now, when you broadcast thoughts that result in you feeling good, the law of attraction responds by bringing you the experiences that will confirm you feeling good.

So, it pays to take responsibility of your life. Do you agree?

Earlier this week, I had a power packed conversation with Bloggers Alliance  wherein I shared my life practices, insights and success mantras for 2021. Must read Excerpts of the chat:

Be inspired and make 2021 your best.

Kriti Makhija


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