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ASP.NET-based Hosting Provider Opens New Data Center in Singapore

Windows and ASP.NET-based hosting provider has opened a new data center location in Singapore as a part of it’s global expansion. The new facility is an addition to company’s two existing data centres at  Houston, US  and Amsterdam, Europe. We have a large Asia customer base and we wanted to address their concerns of website latency issues due to data transport over long distances. – Dean Thomas, Manager, ASPHostPortal. Supported with multiple connections to major Internet backbone carriers via SingTel, SingNet, NTT Communication, Deutsche Telekom AG, Hurricane Electric and PCCW with OC-12 connections using BGP-4 routing protocol,  the new Singapore Data Center provides  Advanced Windows 2008/R2 hosting and SQL hosting and is ideal for online business in Asia ...

Hong Kong Based Cloud Provider Ximbo Expands Services into Asian Market

Hong Kong based cloud service provider Ximbo today announced expansion of it’s services into the Asian market. As a part of it’s  market enlargement plan, Ximbo has also launched a new website, targeted specifically at international customers. “Our target is not only local market, but the international one. After gaining foothold in the Hong Kong local market, it is time for us to move one step forward.” said Kong, Market specialist, Ximbo,  in a  telephone interview with DailyHostNews. We understand that expanding our market means facing a more intense international competition, and are ready to take this challenge. – Ximbo. “The key of going international is a fast and reliable network. Our high speed optic fiber network backbone connects our clients to the whole world,” he a...

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