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Hong Kong Based Cloud Provider Ximbo Expands Services into Asian Market

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Hong Kong based cloud service provider Ximbo today announced expansion of it’s services into the Asian market. As a part of it’s market enlargement plan, Ximbo has also launched a new website, targeted specifically at international customers.

“Our target is not only local market, but the international one. After gaining foothold in the Hong Kong local market, it is time for us to move one step forward.” said Kong, Market specialist, Ximbo, in a telephone interview with DailyHostNews.

We understand that expanding our market means facing a more intense international competition, and are ready to take this challenge. – Ximbo.

“The key of going international is a fast and reliable network. Our high speed optic fiber network backbone connects our clients to the whole world,” he added.

Ximbo has 2 x 1000Mb dedicated local bandwidth and 450Mb redundant international bandwidth. Multiple providers are used as the backbone network, including REACH, NTT, Telstra, PACNET, China Telecom, China Netcom.

“ We understand that expanding our market means facing a more intense international competition, Ximbo is ready to take this challenge. Multiple providers and world class hardware by Cisco are employed to ensure the reliability of the network, ” said Mr.Kong.

Singapore Hongkong web hosting cloud hosting provider ximbo

Ximbo offers Cloud Machines which deliver cloud servers solutions with pre-configured resources. The Startup Machine is priced at $12.25/mo and comes with dedicated vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 15GB disk size, Remote Console and Firewall.

Ximbo’s cloud network solution Cloud Centre provides clients with a pool of resources and enables them to create multiple virtual machines to form a virtual server network.

With a basic package priced at $99.75 / Mo, which includes 6 2.4GHz CPU processors, 8GB RAM, 400GB disk space and 6 IP address, users can re-scale the server resources via the online panel according to their needs across different time frames.

Cloud Hosting solutions start from $3.50/Month. Click here for more information.

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