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T2EARTH Is Moving the Earth OnWood™ — Launches OnWood™ 1.0, One of the Most Important Product Innovations in Sustainable Building and Eco-Friendly Forest Products Industries in the Last 100 Years!

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T2EARTH Is Moving the Earth OnWood™ — Launches OnWood™ 1.0, One of the Most Important Product Innovations in Sustainable Building and Eco-Friendly Forest Products Industries in the Last 100 Years!

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T2EARTH LLC Comes Out of Stealth Mode and Announces Its Company Mission Along with Its First Product, OnWood™ 1.0

AUGUSTA, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–T2EARTH LLC, the breakthrough, science-based and innovation-driven manufacturer of sustainable, toxic-chemical free, and superior-performance forest products in the green building world with its focus on eco-wood products, debuts OnWoodTM as the Earth’s first ever circular economy, sustainable, Class A, high performance, eco-fire-retardant treated wood (eco-FRTW).

OnWoodTM 1.0, launched today by T2EARTH LLC, the eco-friendly treated wood industry disruptor, is the first ever wood product of its kind. OnWood™ 1.0 qualifies as an Interior Type A (HT) fire-retardant wood in accordance with American Wood Products Association (AWPA) Standard U1. It is the world’s first fully circular economy principles focused, environmentally sustainable Class A, ICC-ES certified, fire-retardant treated wood product. Circular economy products are designed with both their primary use and their end of useful life in mind to maximize both the product and the system in which it is made and used. T2EARTH’s product OnWoodTM 1.0 fundamentally delivers on these environmentally responsible key principles of, (i) waste elimination, (ii) maximizing use, and (iii) regenerating the natural system, as it’s toxin free, superior performing and has low environmental impact.

OnWoodTM 1.0 is available in all Southern Pine, dimensional lumber sizes and grades, including P.E.T., (Precision End Trimmed) and is applicable for almost all interior use applications in commercial and residential construction, making it universally usable in countless ways.

The launch of OnWood™ 1.0, builds on T2EARTH’S ground-breaking research and development science and begins the exciting commercial stage for T2EARTH’s ongoing pioneering journey to revolutionizing the preservation and performance of wood, and make wood the world’s leading, high-performance, fully sustainable, affordable building material.

OnWoodTM Key Features

  • World’s first, Class A sustainable eco-FRTW with ICC ESR
  • Fire-retardant
  • Firefighter friendly
  • Ultra-strength performance
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for humans and environment
  • 100% circular product
  • Non-corrosive formulation
  • Excellent machinability
  • Made 100% in the US
  • Over 25 years of sustainable wood science research heritage

“OnWood™ begins a ground-breaking moment for science and technology based eco-treated wood and sustainable building,” said Joel Kier, T2EARTH’s Co-Founder, and CEO. “OnWood™ is the first dimensional lumber confirmation of our vision to change the paradigm of treated forestry products. Our innovations will accelerate the world into a sustainably built environment by delivering a treated wood that is unmatched (pun intended) as the highest performing, compellingly priced, eco-friendly wood solution usable across key construction and infrastructure applications. We are starting with our OnWood™ 1.0 high performance fire-retardant product that can focus the building industry to sustainably move beyond concrete, steel, and traditional unstainable chemical preservatives. Like the January 9, 2007, change from a flip phone to a smartphone 1.0, we are making history together today!”

In addition to being competitively priced, OnWoodTM is stronger than traditional chemically treated wood and equal to or stronger than untreated Southern Pine wood. In Q1 2022, OnWoodTM was awarded an ESR Certification from the premier wood industry certification organization, ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES).

T2EARTH is a breakthrough wood science, innovation driven, earth focused, forest products building materials company. We are led by an experienced entrepreneurial team of problem solvers challenging the status quo by building T2EARTH into a highly efficient, agile, sustainable company manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly, high performance forest products with our strategic partners globally.

T2EARTH is strategically located and manufactures OnWood™ in the Augusta, GA area, in the heart of the United States Southern Pine region. The Company is partnered with Pollard Lumber Co., Inc. founded in 1952, based in Appling, GA, (timberland and saw milling) and International Forest Products LLC (IFP), founded in 1972, based in Foxborough, MA, (forest products trading and global distribution), providing it with an immensely effective vertically integrated supply chain that goes from tree to building site. These partners are highly regarded multi-generational forestry product companies that are leaders in their fields.

“We are very excited to be working with the relentless and entrepreneurial team at T2EARTH and to be supporting them by bringing to market OnWood™ as their sales and marketing partner,” said Peter Keyes, Managing Director, Solid Wood Group, International Forest Products, LLC (IFP). “OnWood™ and the T2EARTH team are onto something fantastic. And in that vein, I have no doubts T2EARTH and OnWood™, combined with IFP’s experienced global sales team, will be successful, and we are looking forward to continuing to rollout T2EARTH’s innovative products with a keen interest.”

T2EARTH’s products are manufactured using sustainably harvested wood from Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®), Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), certified supply chains and other comparably certified sources. Its green, eco-friendly wood treatment, in addition to providing ultra-performance, has no chemical leaching risk to the environment, significantly reducing biosphere problems, disposal costs, and making OnWoodTM a wood industry game-changer.

“We recognized early on in their development that T2EARTH could be very good for both the building industry as well as for the wood products industry, of which we have been an active part now for three generations,” said Robert Pollard, CEO of Pollard Lumber Company, located in Appling, GA. “We have been pleased to provide our forestry and wood manufacturing experience to support the inventive T2EARTH team and are looking forward to continuing our support as they bring their innovation to multiple product markets from dimensional lumber to panels and eventually to engineered wood products.”

The social and environmental benefits of T2EARTH’s eco-friendly, modified wood are significant and include eliminating the need for unsustainable, toxic chemical treated wood used in residential or commercial construction. In addition to being sourced from eco-friendly certified supply sources, T2EARTH’s products reduce carbon impact, petroleum dependence, and exposure of water and wetlands to leaching, toxic treatment chemicals.

Adam Moskowitz, Co-Founder and Board Member, states, “I am extremely proud of our T2EARTH team and our amazing forestry partners for how much we have accomplished and for developing and launching OnWood™. We are grateful for all the support we have received on this incredible journey to make wood the world’s number one eco-building material. We are only just beginning down this revolutionary path. As Joel Kier our CEO always says, Onwood™!”

OnWoodTM Pricing and Availability

  • OnWoodTM is available immediately for orders and inquiries.
  • OnWoodTM product information and samples are available on T2EARTH’s website (
  • All standard sizes and grades are available for OnWoodTM.
  • An OnWoodTM fire performance demo is also available for booking, both in person and virtually, through our website.


T2EARTH is a breakthrough, innovative science-based forest products company that produces sustainable, toxic-chemical free, high-performance wood products. T2EARTH’s mission and vision is to change the paradigm of the wood industry by building a bold team and agile business model committed to accelerating the world’s transition to a sustainable-built environment. T2EARTH’s enduring company thesis is to have a driven world class team with a clarity of purpose to unconventionally create and scale a breakthrough, resilient business in a large conventional market by providing fast and frugal solutions that will have an immediate positive effect on the world.

About T2EARTH’S Partners

Pollard Lumber Co., Inc: Pollard Lumber Company, based in Appling, GA, and privately owned by the Pollard family, has been manufacturing southern yellow pine lumber products since 1952. The company’s products are known for outstanding quality and availability, and its distribution is supported by its own logistics and trucking operations. Pollard Lumber Company is a family-owned enterprise that includes management leadership from several Pollard family member generations and employs management techniques to produce and promote wood as a sustained renewable resource. The Pollard family is active in several industry trade associations and has pioneered some of the sawmill industry’s important technologies including the continuous flow kiln, one of the preeminent kiln solutions for drying lumber in the USA. Much of the wood Pollard Lumber produces is sourced from family-managed timberlands, allowing for much of its operation to be vertically integrated.

International Forest Products (IFP) LLC: IFP is headquartered in Foxborough, MA, with offices and sales representatives around the world. IFP is a global leader and North America’s largest physical trader of forest products commodities, including containerboard, market pulp, recycled fiber, printing and writing papers and a wide variety of Solid Wood products: lumber, plywood, and composite panels, engineered wood products, logs, pellets and biomass. IFP was the seventh largest exporter in the United States in 2021, as compiled by the Journal of Commerce. With more than 40 years of trading history, IFP is equipped to conduct business in any language and has intimate knowledge of local customs, traditions, market conditions and pricing trends. IFP’s own cloud-based technology platform, coupled with a balance sheet that is as strong as any in the international arena, has facilitated the company’s growth as a world leader in its industry, doing business in more than 90 countries worldwide.



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