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Switch Launches New SUPERNAP 8 Data Center in Las Vegas With Technology Advances and Features

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Data Center developer Switch today unveiled its new SUPERNAP 8 data center in Las Vegas. The new facility has some technology advances over SUPERNAP 7 and some additional new features.

Four key specifications of SUPERNAP 8 are as follows:

Switch SHIELD redundant data center roofing system: It offers two independent, separate and individually rated 200 mph steel roof decks. The two roof decks are located nine feet apart, are attached to the concrete and steel shell of the facility and contain zero roof penetrations. The Switch SHIELD mitigates extreme weather concerns involving data center roofs and provides a forever maintainable roofing solution.

Switch IRON BLACK FOREST temperature control system: It prevents event impacts by utilizing Switch’s insulated THERMAL-SCIF™ (T-SCIF) heat containment system architecture.

Switch ROTOFLY: Switch ROTOFLY, invented by Rob Roy, is a patent pending flywheel design that supports refrigeration and temperature controls during a power outage by delivering uninterruptable high-efficiency data center cooling.

Tri-redundant backup power systems: SuperNAP 8 is divided into three separate N+2 power systems. Every cabinet has a primary power circuit and a failover power circuit, both of which come from two completely separate N+2 power systems. Since each client receives true system + system power, maintenance can be performed without interrupting service to anyone.


Spread over 1000 feet in length, the SUPERNAPS provide colocation, connectivity, cloud and content environments to more than 600 global clients.

“It is our mission at Switch to solve problems, develop smart systems and think beyond tomorrow for the benefit of our clients, and SUPERNAP 8 is a direct result of this mission,” said Rob Roy, CEO and Founder, Switch.

The SUPERNAPS have 200 MVA of mission critical power and 16 million CFM of cooling, which allow Switch to operate more than 20,000 cabinets for the various companies at usage levels equivalent to an average raised floor data center consuming nearly 100,000 cabinets of space, according to the official press release.

An overview of t-scif™ (Thermal Separate Compartment in Facility) deployed in SUPERNAP’s is as shown below:

For more information, click here.

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