Switch Datacenters unveils DCaaS program for rapid data center deployment

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Switch Datacenters, the corporate data center and colocation facilities provider, launched wholesale Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) program to accelerate datacenter deployment on a global scale.

Using the program, organizations can license the patented datacenter technologies of Switch Datacenters, and use a state-of-the-art data center infrastructure package.

This program is aimed at a broad range of datacenter customers including, managed services providers (MSPs), cloud service providers (CSPs), datacenter operators, hyper-scale datacenter providers, as well as real estate owners.

The datacenter infrastructure package includes patented indirect adiabatic cooling technologies which provide highly-efficient cooling (calculated pPUE: 1.03-1.06). The pPUE value depends on the climate of the location of datacenter.

The datacenters offered through the program are highly modular and scalable for power solutions, and enable automated and remote datacenter management (custom DCIM software). Further, they are suitable for Open Rack Systems based on Open Compute Project (OCP) principles.

“Our Data Center as a Service program provides hyper-scale data center providers, enterprises, cloud services providers and real estate owners alike the opportunity to deploy new data centers within short-term notice,” said Gregor Snip, CEO and founder of Switch Datacenters. “By joining our program, organizations are able to get their new data centers, even large-scale ones, up and running within about 3-month time – which is quite fast actually. Besides that, our technologies guarantee high levels of operating efficiencies with significantly reduced operating costs.”

The DCaaS program offers four options to deliver the company’s datacenter technologies─ Customer Data Center Ownership, Hybrid Data Center Delivery, Full Service Lease Data Center, and Cooling and/or Power as a Service.

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The company said that these datacenters will be useful for both large and small enterprises, with potential electrical loads ranging from 5 to 100 MW.

Built in The Netherlands, the datacenters delivered through the program are shipped to worldwide locations on the basis of customer requirements. IBM has already deployed it in its Netherlands region.

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