STT GDC Philippines expands capacity in 3 data centers by 5.2 MW to meet growing digital demands

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ST Telemedia Global Data Centers (STT GDC Philippines) is set to revolutionize the digital landscape in the Philippines with its ambitious expansion plans. By the third quarter of 2023, the company aims to increase the capacity of its data centers in Makati, Cavite, and Quezon City by a total of 5.2 MW, in response to the surging demand for digital services and the country’s ongoing digital transformation.

This capacity expansion aligns with STT GDC Philippines’ growth strategy, as it aims to support the country’s digital infrastructure development. The company is committed to assisting the government in providing reliable and robust digital infrastructure for the Filipino population.

STT GDC Philippines is a joint venture between Globe, the Ayala Corporation, and Singapore-based ST Telemedia Global Data Centers.

Carlo Malana, the president and CEO of STT GDC Philippines, emphasized the importance of the private sector’s active contribution to the nation’s digital transformation. He stated, “The ever-growing demand for digital services has underscored the necessity for the private sector to actively contribute to the nation’s digital transformation.”

STT GDC Philippines plans to scale its operations to serve global hyperscalers and other customer segments through greenfield builds. This expansion will not only bolster the company’s presence but also create more job opportunities in engineering, facilities management, and energy management.

STT GDC Philippines currently operates five data centers with a total IT capacity of 22 MW. Over 95% of its power is derived from renewable energy sources, in line with Globe, STT GDC, and the Ayala Group’s sustainability goals.

Looking ahead, STT Global Data Centers aims to develop sustainable and energy-efficient data centers by integrating sustainability principles throughout its value chain and operations. It envisions operating a total of over 150 MW of IT capacity in the coming years.

STT GDC Philippines’ continuous expansion and commitment to sustainable data center solutions highlight its dedication to supporting the country’s digital transformation and meeting the growing demand for digital services.

Recent expansions in Asia

  • PT ST Telemedia Global Data Centers (Indonesia), also known as PT STT GDC Indonesia, has just unveiled its inaugural data center facility, STT Jakarta 1, located in Bekasi, Jawa Barat. The data center campus can support up to 72 MW of critical IT capacity, with STT Jakarta 1 alone capable of accommodating 19.5 MW. This marks the first building in the data center campus, which is a result of a joint venture between PT STT GDC Indonesia, Triputra Group, and Temasek.
  • In May 2023, STT GDC Philippines also unveiled plans for a new data center campus called STT Fairview. With an IT capacity of 124 MW and spread over 83,000 square meters, the initial phase of operations for this campus is scheduled to commence in early 2025.
  • STT Global Data Centers India division has recently announced an ambitious investment plan of approximately Rs. 2,000 crore for the development of two cutting-edge data centers. The Pune campus of STT GDC India is already a significant player in the data center landscape, and this expansion will further solidify its position. With a scalable potential of 200 MVA and the capacity to support up to 140 MW of IT load, the Pune campus is one of the largest data center campuses in the country. The new data centers will enhance its capabilities and contribute to meeting the growing demands of the digital landscape in India.

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