Splunk unveils major AI enhancements for Observability, Security and IT Service Intelligence

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SPlunk AI assistant

Splunk, renowned for its leadership in cybersecurity and observability, has introduced a series of groundbreaking AI tools across its product spectrum. These innovations are poised to revolutionize operational efficiencies and accelerate data-driven insights for organizations worldwide.

Introduction of generative AI-powered assistants in Observability Cloud and Security

Splunk has expanded its AI capabilities with the introduction of generative AI assistants within Observability Cloud and Security domains. These assistants enhance IT visibility and bolster proactive threat mitigation capabilities. By leveraging natural language interfaces, they empower software developers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) to swiftly extract insights from metrics, traces, and logs. This capability significantly accelerates routine tasks, root cause analysis, and issue resolution, thereby optimizing operational efficiency.

The AI Assistant in Security is designed to expedite security analysts’ workflows through AI-guided investigations and incident data summarization. By integrating generative AI capabilities, this tool enhances the efficiency of security operations, fortifying defenses against emerging threats with simplified processes and accelerated response times.

Splunk AI assistant for SPL for enhancing data analytics

Splunk has introduced the AI Assistant for SPL (Splunk Processing Language), facilitating natural language interactions with its data analytics platform. This tool bridges the gap between human intuition and machine-driven analytics, enabling analysts to execute complex analyses and understand SPL queries effortlessly. By improving productivity and decision-making effectiveness, this innovation empowers organizations to optimize data analysis and incident response strategies.

AI enhancements in IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk introduced advanced AI capabilities within its IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) solution:

  • Configuration Assistant: Announced at Cisco Live 2024, the Configuration Assistant utilizes AI and machine learning to streamline configuration processes and optimize operational efficiency. It offers insights into IT health by managing and updating configurations, ensuring accurate alerting and reducing false positives.
  • Drift Detection for KPIs: This feature enables early detection of anomalies by identifying gradual changes or sudden deviations in KPI patterns, enhancing proactive IT service management.
  • Entity-Level Adaptive Thresholds: This allows users to create dynamic baseline at an entity level, generating alerts for abnormal behaviors and ensuring prompt corrective actions.


  • The AI Assistant in Observability Cloud is currently available in private preview.
  • The Security AI Assistant will be available in private preview starting August 2024.
  • The Splunk AI Assistant for SPL is generally available to Splunk Cloud Platform customers globally on AWS.
  • ITSI, along with its Configuration Assistant, is generally available.
  • Drift Detection for KPIs and entity-level Adaptive Thresholds are available for public preview, showcasing Splunk’s commitment to continuous innovation and customer-centric solutions.

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