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Solus 3 ISO Refresh version brings updates to apps, theming and infrastructure

Solus 3.9999

The developer community behind the leading independent operating system Solus has pushed the refreshed version of Solus— Solus 3.9999.

Solus 3 ISO Refresh brings support for a wide range of new hardware which have been released since the launch of Solus 3 in August last year.

Also coming with the refreshed version are an updated set of default applications and theming, and ability to use new Solus infrastructure.

All the editions of Solus now feature recently released Firefox 62, LibreOffice, Rhythmbox 3.4.2, and Thunderbird 60 applications. The theming with Solus 3.9999 provides a consistent look and feel for all the editions.

For applications, it now supports Adapta GTK Theme, while it supports Papirus Icon Theme for icons.

The newly added for support for Linux kernel 4.18.5 will provide users support for latest CPUs from Intel and AMD, including support for high core count CPUs.

Further, a number of modules like KVMGT, MDEV and VFIO_MDEV has been enables to support Intel GVT-g and gain improved GPU virtualization.

Changes have been made to the infrastructure, repositories and various system packages, to allow users easily take advantage of new Solus infrastructure. With the Solus 3.9999, users wouldn’t have to modify or update the infrastructure.

GNOME removable drive applet will now be enabled by default, which means that users will be able to unmount extensions without opening the default manager called Nautilus.

Moreover, the Solus GNOME Edition will now be shipped with GNOME Photos for easier photo management and editing.

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There are numerous new packages added to Solus 3.9999, whereas a few existing packages have been removed. List of newly added and removed packages can be accessed in this post by Solus.

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