SoftLayer Launches its Message Queue Services

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SoftLayer, a leading provider of global cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, on Thursday launched SoftLayer Message Queue service, a cost-effective messaging and notification service that scales seamlessly to support development of bigger, bottleneck-free applications.

According to the press release, SoftLayer Message Queue is an extremely scalable way for independent software systems to communicate with one another. It enables different scalable inter-process communication without generating too much traffic for the system to handle. It combines robust and scalable messaging queuing and notification services into a single solution, integrated with the company’s global platform and allowing for secure transmission between geographically distributed processes across SoftLayer’s global private network.

SoftLayer Message Queue is developed in partnership with Cloudant, a cloud database service provider, which gives users a highly scalable, low latency data layer for storing and distributing messages.  The service can make it easier to complete asynchronous tasks such as resizing uploaded images to generate assets in different resolutions; reformatting videos to match browser requirements; and easily handle such tasks as bulk processing, data synchronization and aggregation.

“Message Queue is built to scale easily, giving web and app developers unlimited potential to grow virtually any type of application,” said Duke Skarda, Chief Technology Officer, SoftLayer. “This new service provides a means to pass control flow and information between application servers deployed across our global platform. The uses for a service like this are endless. And since we developed this in partnership with our managed database as a service partner, Cloudant, the persistence and scalability are rock solid.”

“Our work with SoftLayer on this new queuing service is another facet in the ongoing collaboration between our companies,” said Derek Schoettle, Chief Executive Officer, Cloudant. “This partnership leverages our joint experience to create a solution that delivers benefits to cloud users who demand unparalleled performance and flexibility to grow as their business demands.”

Driven by a RESTful Web services API, SoftLayer Message Queue also provides language bindings for languages including Ruby, Python, Java, PHP and C#. SoftLayer Message Queue is integrated with the company’s customer portal to provide real-time monitoring and control of the service.

SoftLayer also announced that no charge will be levied on the customers who require 100,000 or fewer requests and/or notifications each month but above that threshold it will cost one cent for each additional 10,000 requests or notifications .

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