SoftLayer and RightScale Partner To Spread Service

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 11, 2011 – Company services belonging to SoftLayer and RighScale will spread, thanks to a new agreement between the two companies.

Just recently, the companies announced that RightScale’s Cloud Management Platform will be able to operate SoftLayer’s cloud services.

SoftLayer provides cloud services along with dedicated servers, managed hosting, and more. Meanwhile, Right specializes in managing cloud platforms.

Commenting on the matter in a company press release, SoftLayer CTO Duke Skarda stated, “We are excited to partner with RightScale and empower customers to leverage our services’ unique advantages with RightScale cloud computing management.”

“The benefits that RightScale has brought to the marketplace align directly with our founding mission to provide customers total flexibility and control,” Skarda continued.

With the upcoming move, the company says that in the area of workload deployment, SoftLayer users can make use of RightScale’s management platform.

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Just last month, SoftLayer discussed its European presence, opening a data center in Amsterdam and making a commitment to invest $75 million in the area. RightScale has been around since 2006, basing its services on SaaS.

SoftLayer will attend and exhibit at the RightScale Conference November 9, 2011 in Santa Clara, Calif. The RightScale Conference showcases a top-tier lineup of speakers, including RightScale co-founder and CEO Michael Crandell, the RedMonk analyst group, industry experts, and customers who will share key insights into how they’ve achieved success in the cloud. The RightScale Conference is hosted in conjunction with the Cloud Computing Conference and Expo 2011 (Cloud Expo) and registration for the RightScale Conference automatically registers participants for both events.

About Softlayer Technologies
Headquartered in Dallas, SoftLayer is the innovation leader in Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed hosting and is the largest private hosting company in the world. SoftLayer provides cloud, dedicated, and seamlessly integrated computing environments, with world-class data centers in Dallas, Houston, San Jose, Seattle, Washington D.C., Asia-Pacific (via Singapore), and Europe (via Amsterdam) and has network Points of Presence worldwide. The company integrates and automates all elements of its platform, empowering enterprises of any size with complete control, security, scalability, and ease-of-management via a leading Customer Portal and Open API.

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