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Softaculous Ltd. Launches Webuzo 2.0.5

Softaculous Ltd. Launches Webuzo 2.0.5

Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Webuzo Application Manager, LAMP Stack which helps one deploy Apps on its server, virtual machine or in the cloud, announced the launch of Webuzo 2.0.5 on Wednesday.

Webuzo is a LAMP Stack and a Single User Control Panel which helps one deploy Apps on his server, virtual machine or in the cloud. It enables one to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them. It is available in the form of Virtual Appliances. It is a complete mix of Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Java, Javascripts, MondoDB easily managed on the Linux environment. The goal is to provide solution providers with the ability to easily launch, manage, and maintain a number of popular application and development stacks for their customers. It also helps one deploy Apps like Zend Framework, WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki, and Joomla on his server, virtual machine or in the Cloud.

“We have covered a wide array of categories so that everyone could find the required application one would need to power their business. Our try is to give a perfect developing environment for users so that they can save time installing the scripts and configuring them with servers. We are currently integrated into the AWS Cloud and the Webuzo Cloud Launcher helps you deploy your favourite application on the Amazon Cloud and have your site up and running within minutes.”  said Valerian Pereira, co-developer of Webuzo.

Webuzo 2.0.5 has following changes:

1) Manage Configurations: Now you can easily manage your AMP configurations from your End-user Panel wherein Apache, MySQL and PHP configurations files can be edited as required.

2) Bandwidth Limit Exceeded: User will automatically be alerted if bandwidth usage exceeds the specified limit in the Admin Panel.

3) Bandwidth Graph: The Bandwidth graph now allows users to have more detailed information.

4) Create Key for any domain:  Now you can create key, SSL Certificates and SSL CSR for any of the domains not listed in Webuzo.

5) Install certificates from a completely different page with an option to install CA Bundle as well.

6) Now you can make installation on mod_dir E.g (http://IP Address/~user)

7) Apache Tomcat now supports HTTPS.

8 ) Added a feature for the admin to upgrade multiple applications from the admin panel. (Note : At the moment this is possible for scripts which don’t require manual intervention during upgrade).

9) Added support for installing scripts on IDN domains. (NOTE : This will require updating scripts packages, which will be updated regularly by the end of the February.)

10) The Admin Update software page has been improved. Now only those scripts are sent to the update queue, which require an update. (Previously all the scripts were sent to the update queue.)

11) Now additional “Email To” option on install page will not be displayed if admin has disabled the setting “Turn Off all Email to Endusers” from the Softaculous Admin Panel.

12) On the scripts “Overview” page and “List Software” page release date of the scripts version will be displayed.

13) Improved the Softaculous packaging API.

14) Bug Fix : Files uploaded through Webuzo File Manager acquired root permissions. It has been fixed now.

15) Bug Fix : Bandwidth utilization stated 100% always. It has been fixed now.

16) Bug Fix : Message Box Pop-ups were distorted in Google Chrome. It has been fixed now.

17) Bug Fix : Special character i.e Period(.) was not allowed in email addresses and email forwarders. It has been fixed now.

18) Bug Fix : Special characters like ‘&’ were not allowed in password forms. It has been  fixed now.

19) Bug Fix : The forgot password prompted with Invalid Error messages. It has been fixed now.

20) Bug Fix : Improper Permissions were SET to Apache Tomcat directory while initial installation. It is fixed now.

21) Bug Fix : Users with username other than “soft” were unable to update the nameservers. It has been

22) Bug Fix : While editing an installation details , Softaculous Webuzo was not accepting special characters for MySQL database password. This has been  fixed now.

23) Bug Fix : In the Webuzo Admin Panel -> Software selection page, while selecting the “Check All” checkbox, all scripts were not selected. This has been fixed now.

24) Bug Fix : Username was set to random string even when certain scripts required a particular admin username. This has been fixed now.

25) Bug Fix : In case of Multi version scripts, while importing child installation it could be imported multiple times. This is fixed now.

26) Bug Fix : While deleting the backup, backup information file for backup was not deleted. This is fixed now.

27) Bug Fix : On software page in Admin panel scripts count was showing wrong. It has been fixed now.

28) Bug Fix : While configuring files Softaculous was providing default permissions instead of the one specified in Webuzo Admin panel.

“The project’s mix of administration tools provide comfortable options for newcomers and old hands at Linux administration alike, and the platform’s wide deployment and backup options make it easy to focus on the application at the top of the stack.” said Pulkit Gupta, Softaculous founder and CEO.

About Softaculous:
Softaculous was founded in 2009 by Pulkit Gupta. After Softaculous became widely used, Softaculous Ltd. was incorporated in February 2010. Ever since the company has grown in the server software market and has a presence in the Desktop Software market. For more information, visit Webuzo.

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