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SmartCIC’s worldwide logistics solution streamlines shipping of hardware and equipment for service providers

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Global managed service provider, SmartCIC’s new logistics solution allows global service providers to deploy digital infrastructure in new markets by transporting and delivering hardware worldwide. As of the first quarter of 2023, SmartCIC dispatched more than 1,300 items to 43 different countries from its Barcelona warehouse alone. With this offering, service provider customers can meet delivery deadlines, avoid expensive delays, and eliminate the challenges and hazards associated with shipping hardware to various global destinations.

SmartCIC’s hardware experts oversee the entire distribution preparation process, from the beginning to the end, by collaborating with local partners in each country to ensure swift deployment in crucial locations. The company delivers a complete end-to-end service, encompassing the transportation, installation, and administration of digital infrastructure on a global scale.

“We manage some of the most complex networking challenges which includes the delivery of hardware and equipment around the world. We have a proven track record of ensuring items are delivered on time, every time, to enable our customers to rapidly monetise solutions internationally,” said Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC. “When delivering hardware to global destinations, carriers risk having it confiscated and destroyed. Millions of dollars can be lost due to deployment delays and even contract losses. When you choose SmartCIC, we guarantee that your hardware will get to where it needs to go so that carriers can roll out equipment in new markets seamlessly and serve booming enterprise demand.”

The managed logistics solution handles the entire shipment process from start to finish, encompassing multiple aspects such as furnishing insights on clients and import regulations for targeted countries, offering precise pricing and delivery schedules, receiving equipment at any of SmartCIC’s regional logistics centers, repackaging and exporting it, monitoring and tracking shipments, receiving and forwarding equipment to the customer’s location, the engineer’s location or FMRIB Software Libraries (FSL’s) for further distribution.

“There’s a growing demand for the service because we’re taking the pain away from another piece of the puzzle in digital infrastructure. There’s an opportunity for global service providers to benefit from new levels of agility and flexibility with SmartCIC as a logistics partner. We match experts in digital infrastructure with local knowledge to provide an ecosystem of solutions and capabilities across LATAM, Africa, Asia and Europe for our customers. Where there’s a challenge, we always find a solution,” said Forman.

SmartCIC’s regional logistics centers are strategically located in Barcelona, Spain, Miami, USA, Costa Messa, USA, Sao Paolo, LATAM, Melbourne, Australia, and Shanghai, China. The managed logistics service is an excellent addition to SmartCIC’s diverse range of offerings, which include broadband, direct internet access (DIA), 4G/5G, high-capacity and wave technologies, as well as field services solutions backed by SLAs, from smart hands to fully certified experts.

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