SmartCIC and TMR partner to accelerate fixed wireless adoption across North America

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SmartCIC, a global managed service provider, has launched a strategic partnership with Telecom Management Resources (TMR), a US-based bespoke solutions provider, to deliver fixed wireless access (FWA) solutions for North American enterprises. The partnership expands SmartCIC’s presence in the US and enables TMR to offer FWA solutions that leverage SmartCIC’s technical expertise as well as cellular intelligence provided by its CELLSMART division.

Enterprises across North America benefit from the best possible 5G performance in a local area when rolling out FWA, delivered in five working days or less. SmartCIC provides an end-to-end approach that includes line, cabling, hardware, installation, migration, and support. Its CELLSMART cellular intelligence offers a comparative analysis of local cellular providers and rankings based on cellular performance in a local area. This enables enterprises to access the best possible 5G solutions wherever they operate.

Our partnership with TMR is another milestone in SmartCIC’s and CELLSMART’s growth in the North American market. TMR understands our business and we share a commitment to developing solutions that deliver real-world outcomes for enterprises,” said Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC. “We’re seeing accelerating demand for FWA and by working with TMR we can help more organisations benefit from intelligence-driven wireless solutions. Our testing across the US shows that 5G is ready to serve local enterprise demands. It just needs to be delivered with local intelligence.

TMR offers a comprehensive suite of services including auditing, procurement, service management, fixed networking, mobility, cloud services, unified communications as well as others. It was founded in 2004 to deliver ultra-reliable and bespoke IT and telecoms services. TMR serves enterprise customers spanning healthcare, automotive, retail, property, and a range of industry verticals across North America.

SmartCIC’s unique intelligence-driven FWA is unlike anything available in the North American market today. The speed of deployment, adaptability and understanding of local RF environments provide enterprises with immediate advantages over traditional fixed-line connectivity,” said Marc Metzger, CEO at TMR. “SmartCIC can deliver the best possible connectivity end-to-end, with comparative data about local cellular providers and the available performance. That is a massive differentiator and enables enterprises to rapidly see the benefits of FWA solutions.

CELLSMART is testing, mapping, and capturing local intelligence about wireless network performance across the globe to accelerate the adoption of fixed wireless access solutions. To date, it has captured over 100,000 real-world cellular performance tests and over 3 million data points. CELLSMART is mapping 5G the same way Google mapped local streets and has equipped cars with bespoke testing software, SIMs, and routers to test local wireless network performance across Europe, and North America. Each car will record 4G and 5G upload and download rates and latency across critical locations with test-by-test granularity.

It kicked off its US testing in October 2023 with routes spanning the Eastern Seaboard and the Midwest. The final leg of its 2023 testing, commencing 14th November 2023, will map the West Coast from Arizona to Washington state via Nevada and Idaho then back down via the Pacific coast.

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