SmartBear expands AI-driven test automation offering with new integration for visual regression testing

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visual regression testing

SmartBear, renowned for its software development and visibility tools, has recently enhanced its offerings by integrating VisualTest, its innovative AI-powered tool for automated visual regression testing launched earlier this year in February, with TestComplete, a user interface automation tool. This integration enables testers to automate visual regression testing without crafting automated coding, broadening access to visual validation features for users.

Employing artificial intelligence, VisualTest identifies genuine visual defects, minimizing instances of false alarms. It ensures that applications and websites maintain their intended design upon deployment, thereby optimizing user satisfaction. Additionally, the AI features of VisualTest streamline processes for those utilizing TestComplete.

“Historically, visual testing has been difficult to automate due to false positives that create extra manual work,” said Prashant Mohan, Senior Director of Product Management at SmartBear. “Now our new codeless AI solution adds human-like capabilities to automate visual testing in an efficient way. It can catch visual bugs that functional tests miss while also filtering out false positives, maximizing workflow efficiency.”

Conventional methods of automating visual testing, such as pixel differencing, frequently result in false positives leading to an inflated number of test failures. VisualTest utilizes AI technology to eliminate these redundant alerts, allowing test engineers to concentrate on significant modifications. By adopting VisualTest, users can anticipate a reduction of up to 70% in their regression testing workload due to the minimization of false positives.

Incorporating VisualTest, in conjunction with the AI-driven IQ add-on, TestComplete has enhanced its capability to streamline and simplify functional testing. This addition extends the reach of TestComplete’s AI, leading to a more comprehensive testing experience.

VisualTest and TestComplete have been integrated with BitBar, a solution for testing mobile and web applications. This integration facilitates seamless transitions between visual, web, and real-device testing, significantly reducing the need for context switching among teams.

Additionally, this integration offers manual testers an extra method to guarantee superior user interface experiences, enhancing their confidence in the quality of their releases.

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