SiteLock Ties With Lycos To Increase Online Business Security

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[DAILYHOSTNEWS], July 11, 2012, SiteLock, the leader in website security solutions for online businesses announced its tie up with Lycos Inc., a focused network of community and social sites.

Lycos has evolved from a single search engine into a focused network of community and social sites that include,,, and These sites when integrated help individual users locate, retrieve and manage information tailored to his or her personal interests. The products of Lycos also include free web hosting platform that support more than three million websites.

SiteLock & Lycos have joined hands to analyze the security loopholes in those millions of websites that can be in the form of malware, terms of service abuse, phishing and link farming. As the websites been hosted are of free nature, so the possibility of attacks increases by many folds with various websites created with an intent of distributing malicious or potentially harmful code.

The patent-pending 360-degree scans performed by SiteLock identified thousands of websites that were infected and could be harmful to their visitors. Lycos’ aims to clean up their online community and took down the problematic sites. At the same time, SiteLock gained extensive insight into risks, hacks and potential threats that they were able to add to their technology’s knowledge base to help prevent other online businesses from being affected.

“At Lycos, we build online communities. Our customers can vary greatly from business owners and bloggers, to gamers and social users,” describes Rob Balazy, CEO of Lycos. “It’s imperative that those experiences are conducted in a safe environment. We took an active approach through our partnership with SiteLock to identify the problem areas in our online neighborhoods. Based on the results of the SiteLock scanning, we were able to clean up the communities on the website hosting platforms of and, so that our customers and their visitors are protected from online threats.”

“At SiteLock, we believe in making the web a safer place for our business customers, their visitors, and our partners,” states Neill Feather, President of SiteLock. “We have a high degree of respect for Lycos, an online community leader, who took the proactive step to secure their customers’ websites and keep the ‘bad guys’ out in the future. We believe that this partnership will enable Lycos and SiteLock to stay ahead of the threat curve and build a repeatable model for heightened detection and awareness of online risks.”

With this partnership, SiteLock and Lycos plan to perform the scanning on a quarterly basis to remove the identified websites with problems.


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