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Site5 Founder Passes Away

Matt Lightner, founder of Site5 and former co-owner, passed away this week.

According to blog post at Site5, “Matt was naturally key in the early days of Site5 and had a direct impact on the operation and success of the company. He had a very large role in the Site5 Engineering Team and the development of Backstage, Synco (our internal customer management and billing system), and SiteAdmin. In fact, Site5 was one of the first (if not the first) cPanel-based web host to offer add-on domains before cPanel actually had the feature. Matt even contributed to the cPanel control panel codebase when it was in its infancy.”

Site5 representatives appreciate the energy & work Matt put into Site5 company. Everyone appreciated Matt’s dedication. Tom Sepper, the blog writer, stated, even after Site5 was sold to Ben and Joel, Matt would still keep in contact with them to see how things were going. He had a genuine care for Site5 that continued on beyond his leaving the company.

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