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Shinjiru Implements Parallels Plesk Panel to Profit from the Cloud

Shinjiru Implements Parallels Plesk Panel to Profit from the Cloud

Malaysian Web hosting pioneer increases Average Cost per Unit (ARPU), enhances customer satisfaction and simplifies customer service management with Parallels Plesk Panel

DAILYHOSTNEWS – Parallels®, the hosting and Cloud services enablement leader, announced its partnership with Shinjiru, the leading hosting service provider in Malaysia. Shinjiru currently uses Parallels Plesk Panel to provide a complete server control panel and automation solution to its small and medium businesses (SMB) customers in Malaysia. The deployment continues to greatly enhance the company’s ability to improve customer loyalty by empowering users with enhanced self-service capabilities.


Shinjiru can significantly cut down time spent on creating websites, managing email addresses, and deploying applications to a server as Parallels Plesk Panel’s intuitive user interface lowers the barriers of entry for end-users and simplifies service management and customer support.  In addition, Shinjiru can increase Average Cost Per Unit (ARPU) by upselling packages and offering a variety of new solution including web applications, popular add-ons such as domain names and SSL certificates, as well as access to built-in Web Presence Builder capabilities.

“Parallels is committed to making Cloud a reality by offering a broad range of easy-to-use solutions that can resonate to each service providers’ specific needs and demands,” said John Zanni, vice president of service provider marketing and alliances of Parallels. “Shinjiru has seen great success with the adoption of Parallels Plesk Panel and we are confident the company will continue to set new standards and drive further growth in Malaysia’s Cloud economy.”

Parallels Plesk Panel is a complete web hosting system that includes fully automated billing and provisioning, an integrated web presence builder, and access to over a hundred web-based applications that can be used to create customized service plans that meet a variety of customer needs. A key component of Parallels Plesk Panel is the Parallels Partner Storefront, which enables service providers to offer their customers a wide variety of applications, without development effort, by partnering with Parallels in a revenue-share business model.

“We were in search for a control panel that offered great competitive features as well as user-friendly interface for our end-users,” said Terence Choong, chief executive officer of Shinjiru.

“With its global credibility, Parallels Plesk Panel was an obvious choice and it has since helped us increase our revenues as it allows our end users to directly download and install a wide range of open-source and commercial applications via the Parallels Partner Storefront.”

Through its successful implementation of Parallels Plesk Panel, Shinjiru has recently been awarded the Excellence in Parallels Plesk Panel Award at the Parallels APAC Summit 2011. The company achieved this feat by demonstrating a strong commitment to Parallels Plesk Panel and demonstrating strong success and creativity in its shared web-hosting services. As a result of Parallels Plesk Panel implementation, Shinjiru now has a strong and growing base of satisfied customers, as well as possessing deep knowledge and expertise in the solution. 

About Parallels

Parallels is a worldwide leader in hosting and Cloud service enablement and desktop virtualization. Founded in 1999, Parallels is a fast-growing company with more than 800 employees in North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit, follow us on Twitter at and Like Us on Facebook at

About Shinjiru

Shinjiru is an ISO9001:2000 certified leading provider in web hosting and dedicated servers in Asia. With presence in seven data centers, Shinjiru provides industry-leading dedicated servers and web application hosting solutions to more than 100,000 corporations around the world. Shinjiru owns, operates and maintains its network inclusive of IP range, bandwidth, servers and other critical network equipments. Shinjiru provides cost effective, secure and reliable web hosting solutions with advanced, industry-recognized control panels for server management and administration. More information about Shinjiru can be found at

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