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SharePoint Framework v1.8 brings new productivity options for developers and enterprises

SharePoint Framework

Microsoft has announced the general availability of SharePoint Framework v1.8, bringing several new productivity options to developers and teams.

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that assists developers in client-side SharePoint development, easily integrates with SharePoint data, and supports open source tooling. Developers can choose to use modern web technologies and tools in their preferred development environment for building proactive experiences and responsive apps.

While some of the features in SPFx are still in preview, most of them are now generally available. The GA features include app pages, SharePoint Framework components as Microsoft Teams tabs, and isolated web parts. On the other hand, the features in preview include SPFx library components and Teams Tabs in SharePoint.

App pages will allow users to create and deploy fill application experiences with the SharePoint Framework the way they create web parts or extensions. Microsoft will also roll out a new add page experience in coming weeks that will allow users to select from a list of Teams tabs and add within SharePoint.

Users can now bring their SharePoint customizations to Microsoft Teams. This feature is now generally available. Whereas, the feature to brings Teams Tabs into SharePoint is currently in preview.

This cross-compatibility between SharePoint and Microsoft Teams will give more flexibility to developers. With Teams tabs, developers will be able to easily bring their existing web content and applications and host them with minimal adaptions and customizations.

They can host their Teams tab with any available web infrastructure and use server-side web app frameworks like ASP.NET and Node.js.

Microsoft is also bringing several partner integrations for Teams, which include Sympraxis Consulting, 2toLead, Lightning Tools, PixelMill, PAIT Group, Cognizant, and more.

In certain scenarios, the SPFx components require a stronger level of isolation. The new capability named isolated web parts will allow admins to manage, on a part by part basis. The isolated web parts will run in an iframe with a separate domain, which can have different permissions from the host page, said the company.

Lastly, the library component is now available in preview. It will allow developers to create libraries of functions that can be re-used across multiple solutions.

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“Taken together, these solutions represent are the first wave that shows how software vendors, consultants, and integrators can deliver a wide range of solutions, simply, across Microsoft Teams and SharePoint,” wrote SharePoint Team in a blog post.

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