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SetSeed CMS Launches New Hosted Cloud Solution Built on Standing Cloud Platform

SetSeed CMS Launches New Hosted Cloud Solution Built on Standing Cloud Platform

SetSeed, a leading provider of cloud marketplace and management solutions, on Wednesday announced the launch of SetSeed Hosting, a new cloud-based offering that makes hosting and evaluating SetSeed CMS fast, simple and affordable in the cloud.

Built on technology from Standing Cloud, SetSeed Hosting brings choice, flexibility and simplified hosting and management to SetSeed CMS, delivering single-click managed hosting, provisioning, deployment and management at an affordable monthly price.

“We developed SetSeed CMS to make it easy for web developers to rapidly build and deploy complete web sites and online stores for their clients from a single installation, without any plug-ins,” said Ben Vallack, principal at Phototropic and developer of SetSeed. “Now, with SetSeed Hosting and the upcoming release of SetSeed 7, we’ve taken that power and simplicity to a whole new level. I’m excited to be able to offer agencies and developers instant hosting and management options for virtually any kind of web site in just a few clicks.”

With SetSeed Hosting, customers can choose the hosting provider, data center and geography of their choice from a wide range of 15+ leading public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud, Rackspace, and more. SetSeed sites hosted through SetSeed Hosting on Standing Cloud are completely portable from cloud-to-cloud, meaning developers are never locked in to a single platform or cloud provider. They can quickly add capacity or move to another cloud, and are protected against downtime and service outages.

“With SetSeed Hosting powered by Standing Cloud, it’s easy to set up and run multiple SetSeed sites on a single server, or spin up dev or test environments and shut them down when they’re not in use,” said Joni Klippert, Director of Customer Development for Standing Cloud. “Since you’re only charged for what you use, SetSeed Hosting is a powerful combination of efficiency, affordability and simplicity for developers and agencies.”

In addition, Standing Cloud’s built-in automated application lifecycle management features provide easy point-and-click access to a range of automated management services, including 24×7 server monitoring, free backups, auto-restore, single-click version and resource upgrades and more. SetSeed Hosting is available at here.

About Standing Cloud:
Founded in 2009, Standing Cloud is a leading provider of cloud application marketplace and management services. We deliver a seamless application layer for cloud service providers, ISVs and technology solutions providers, making application deployment and management fast, simple and hassle-free for their customers. Its  standard application catalogue includes 100 open-source and commercial applications; our platform supports multiple programming languages, including Rails, PHP, Java and Python, and a wide range of cloud service providers and orchestration software systems.
For more information visit:

About SetSeed:
Developed in England by Ben Vallack, SetSeed is a Content Management System for web professionals that simplifies the process of building CMS-powered websites for their clients. By providing a robust system with a clear distinction between content and style, it solves the age-old problem of clients breaking a site’s design when editing their content.
SetSeed is fully featured out of the box so developers don’t need to worry about installing, debugging and updating plugins just to create a standard website. SetSeed websites can include features like a full shop with stock control, a blog, images galleries, contact forms, video, calendars, email newsletter, live chat, multiple languages, password protection and much more. Learn more about SetSeed at .

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