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Serial Entrepreneurs Prakash Chand and Q Dhalla Launch FD7 Ventures, Global Crypto Investment Fund With $1 Billion Under Management

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prakash Chand and Q Dhalla have launched FD7 Ventures, a Global Crypto Asset Management and Investment Fund with $1 Billion USD under management.

The crypto asset management division will help investors looking to diversify their portfolios into the growing cryptocurrency space.

“Being a purchaser of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2011, I have watched the industry mature. From family offices, to business leaders and entertainment figures, we are seeing an increased demand for investment alternatives. As the space grows, execution risk remains in both storage and custody, and vetting of credible investment alternatives. Our mission is to offer a de-risked and credible path for seasoned investors to enter the space,” said Chand, Managing Partner of FD7 Ventures.

Chand has worked with global leaders in the cryptocurrency space, creating a strong network which will complement the mission of FD7 Ventures. Previously, Chand was the founder of Ask The Doctor.

Chand manages the firm along with serial entrepreneur Q Dhalla. Dhalla has several previous exits under his belt and plans to apply his experience to the firm’s Venture Capital strategy.

FD7 will make a combination of token and equity investments, focusing on projects that promote the core mission of Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain space.

The firm has $1 Billion USD committed for their crypto asset management division from a network of global investors.

The company has made their first 3 investments in projects based out of Toronto, Canada and Dubai, UAE.

To learn more about FD7 Ventures, please visit:


Abdul Ilyad

(226) 210-3486

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