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1 Mins read’s commitment to providing unmatched services has consistently been their driving force to develop and improve on technology throughout the years. The leading SEO provider recently announced improvements to their white label dashboard, specifically improvements in their live rank reporting feature. The improvements are expected to be implemented in time for the new year.

Creating a High-End Reporting Suite

Google constantly changes their criteria for ranking websites. As it changes, SEO tools also need to change to track these criteria more effectively and provide accurate ranking and traffic reports. now has its own tracking technology that collates information based on Google’s criteria and presents clients’ rankings in real time. The company designed their tracking tools to be flexible and dynamic, leaving room for improvement as search engines change their algorithms. The result is a high-end reporting suite that will serve partners for years to come.

Improved Rankings For The New Year

The company’s improvements coincide with the announcement of an SEO tools provider that they will discontinue scraping data from Google and stop offering their rank tracking service by early next year. reassures its partners that their reporting and SEO tools interface will not be affected by this change. Members can continue tracking their SERPs rankings without losing their data, and they will continue receiving custom branded reports. In line with their system improvements, the company also advises their clients and other members to look out for improvements in their reports, which they can expect early next year.

About is the leading provider of SEO solutions to small, medium and enterprise-level retail marketing agencies. They offer a complete line of online marketing solutions and advanced SEO tools. They work with clients across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and serve thousands of first-page rankings on both local and national levels, competing for hundreds of enterprise keyword niches.

Visit to view their full service line-up and learn more about their improved reporting interface.


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