Secura Partners with HyTrust to Offer Robust Virtual Machine Level Data Encryption as a Service

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Secura is delighted to announce a partnership with workload security specialist HyTrust, to offer HyTrust DataControl virtual machine level encryption to customers as a service, on flexible, monthly terms.

Fully managed by Secura, HyTrust DataControl can be delivered as either a stand-alone solution or as part of Secura’s comprehensive Web Protect online security suite.

Many data encryption technologies will only encrypt on a platform level, or premium license editions of software would need to be purchased to access encryption, making them expensive options to implement, with lengthy minimum contract terms.

DataControl allows encryption at rest to be applied on a per virtual machine basis, so only those specific parts of a platform that hold sensitive or regulated data need to be encrypted, making it incredibly cost-effective for businesses to implement and protect their data.

DataControl also works with very little of the performance impact that is traditionally associated with data encryption. It offloads AES encryption operations to the AES-NI extensions integrated into the Intel Xeon CPUs in Secura’s hypervisor hosts, minimising the overhead of encryption operations on platform performance.

Secura CEO, Oliver Beaton, commented, “With the introduction of GDPR legislation looming, encryption of sensitive data is a very sensible security measure to introduce and has become a priority for many of our customers, who are looking to safeguard their business data. Our managed DataControl solution makes it simple for companies of any size to access data encryption in a cost-effective way that does not require significant upfront investment or long-term commitment.”

Secura CTO, Dan Nichols, commented, “We’re delighted to have partnered with HyTrust to offer DataControl encryption to our customers. It’s an incredibly effective, flexible technology that delivers robust, PCI compliant data encryption with a granularity that makes it tremendously accessible.”

HyTrust, Director, Cloud Service Provider Business, EMEA, Stuart Simmons, commented, “We are proud to welcome Secura into our Trusted Cloud Partner Program. The combination of Secura’s highly skilled team and the HyTrust DataControl product means customers can have a high degree of confidence in Secura’s secure cloud services. With the increase in data breaches and numerous compliance and regulatory frameworks customers can adopt Secura’s secure cloud services with confidence.”

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